How Does Tinder Work: The Ultimate Guide

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The world of dating has seen a major shift since the creation of GPS-enabled smartphones. Mobile dating has opened up the world of Internet dating. There are several dating applications you can take advantage of, but by far the most popular platform is Tinder. It’s a free application to use (there is a pay option although it is unnecessary unless you want to have unlimited matches every single day) and it functions off of your GPS location.

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Before smartphones, if you were interested in meeting someone but didn’t have time to go to local mixers or try your hand at blind dates between friends of friends, you really didn’t have too many options. Computer dating was very much in its infancy and few openly talked about it. You could take part in local video exchange services, but these required you to record a video of yourself, deposit the VHS at the dating video exchange location, and see if you got any matches.

Now, though, dating is easy. How does Tinder work? You can easily create an account. You can also shut the account down any time, so if you’re interested in creating a Tinder application and seeing if it works for you, all you need to do is create your own Tinder account.

​Creating Your Tinder Profile

One of the first tasks you must take care of when learning to use Tinder work is how to create your Tinder profile. Creating a Tinder profile is quick and easy. You need to have a Facebook account to create a Tinder profile because Tinder uses Facebook to authenticate that you are who you say you are. This is because, for a time, Tinder had a problem with fake bot accounts trying to spam users; but the association with Facebook has largely eliminated this problem. How does Tinder work? Here’s what you need to know about your profile:

​How Does Tinder Work: Download the Application

Your first step must be to head to your app store and download it to your mobile device (it is free to do this, so you won’t need to pay anything to download the application). Select “Tinder” from the Google Play or App store menu and then download the app. It isn’t a large application, so it should download to your mobile device quickly, although connect to Wi-Fi before downloading just so you save on your mobile data.

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How Does Tinder Work: Creating a Profile

​Now that you have the application on your mobile device, you must take the next step and create your profile. Make sure you have Facebook on your phone. If you don’t, you’ll need to download that application to your mobile device, create a profile, and upload pictures of yourself. As long as you have Facebook on your phone this should be quick and easy.


​Open up Tinder. When you open Tinder up for the first time, the application will identify your device and allow you to create a new account. The front page gives you two options: to sign into a current account or to create a new account. As you don’t yet have an active Tinder account, you’ll want to create a new account.


​Select to create a new account using Facebook. Tinder will now ask you to provide your Facebook sign-in information. If you don’t have Facebook on your mobile device, you can type in your username and password here. It’s easier to have Facebook already on the phone, as your name and password will already be available, in which case Tinder will use this information and log you in. Once Tinder identifies that you do have a Facebook account, you’ll be allowed to progress to the next step.


Choose your profile pictures. As you synch the application with Facebook, you can select profile pictures from your Facebook account. However, you do not need to use these pictures if you don’t want. When you choose what pictures to select, you are given a source location. You can upload pictures of yourself from Facebook, or you can upload pictures from your mobile device, from a cloud connected service you have synched with your phone, or any other image library you have on or connected to your phone.

Choose what pictures you would like. You can upload up to six pictures. When the pictures are up, you can also reorder the images. You do this by pressing your finger down on the image and holding it. The image will become selected and raised above the other images. You can then drag it to the front of the image selection if you want it to be first.


​The last step in creating a profile is typing in personal information. You can type in a little about yourself, you can leave it blank, and you can input what you do for work or just what you’re looking for in a match. It’s best to not get too personal with the information you include, but it’s nice to offer a little snippet of information, even if it is just a joke. It helps give those messaging you something to go off of besides your pictures.

​How Does Tinder Work?

Now that you know how to create a profile on Tinder you’re ready for your next lesson on the question “how does Tinder work.” The main purpose of Tinder is to connect you with other individuals in the area. This is done in a straightforward way, and it is easy to adjust your personal settings for who you see and who sees you.

​Match Preferences

You will need to edit your match preferences. This is what Tinder goes off of to decide who it connects you with and who it shows you to. Log onto your Tinder account and go into the “Settings” section. Here you’ll be able to adjust this information. First, include your dating range. This can go anywhere from age 18 to 99, although you can slide it into a specific age range so you see just those in the desired age of people you are interested in.

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Now, you’ll want to select the range from your mobile location. You can be within a small 10 or 25 miles range, or you can expand outward. The larger the range the more people you’ll match with, but also the further you must travel to meet them. If someone ends up standing you up on a date, you may not want to end up driving out 50 miles to the meet-up, so it’s recommended to keep it close.

Lastly, you’ll select the gender of people you’re interested in. You can see men or women or both. You can also select who sees your profile. Tinder will work off of this information in order to determine who you’re matched with. These are the basics when it comes to understanding how does Tinder work.

“Swipe Left” or “Swipe Right”

After you’ve made all your preferences and gone to the main section of the application, you’ll be shown a picture of someone who matches your established settings. You can flip through their pictures if you want to see more. If you are interested in them, you will swipe your finger right across their images. If you’re not interested in a possible match, you’ll swipe left.

The other individual will also eventually come across your profile. They have the same swipe left and swipe right option. If they also swipe right on you, then you have a match. Once the two of you match, you’re both allowed to message each other, and Tinder then works like an instant messenger application. From there you’re able to decide if, when, and where you meet up.

​How Does Tinder Work:

Tinder Plus/Gold

There is a pay option that offers another layer for Tinder and how to use your created profile. This is known as Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold (Tinder tends to change the name of the pay feature, but it works the same whatever it is titled).

Tinder Plus/Gold works in a similar manner to regular Tinder, so there are only some basic adjustments for Tinder Plus/Gold. The main difference is the number of “likes” you’re able to offer. With regular Tinder you have a limited number of likes. This is designed to prevent you from blowing through everyone in one given area during a short period of time.

If you live in a smaller area, this can be easier to do, but if you live in a major metro area, you’ll never go through everyone. With the Tinder Plus/Gold feature you have unlimited likes so you’ll never run out. This is the only real difference between regular Tinder and Tinder Plus/Gold


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​If you’re interested in meeting someone new one of the best options available to you is using a mobile application. Tinder is by far the most popular mobile dating application out there. The app is free to use (unless you want to pay for the monthly upgrade option). You can create a profile off of your Facebook account, and you can delete or cancel the application whenever you like. At the very least, it might be fun to see who else you can meet on Tinder and who you might match up with.

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