How To Flirt With A Guy: 20 Things To Do To Show You’re Interested

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All humans flirt. From the time we are born, we are natural flirters. It is common to see babies flirting with complete strangers simply because the child finds them pleasant to look at and to be around. Although you may have been an absolute natural at flirting as a child, do you feel completely lost on how to flirt with a guy as an adult?

As we age, some of us become better flirters than others, and we commonly think that flirting is merely a tool to pick up a potential date for the evening. While this is partially true, flirting is a much more sophisticated tool than we realize. It’s a useful human instinct that helps us sort out who has the potential to be a life mate and who would be an absolute dud. Whether you realize it or not, when you flirt you are accessing someone’s ability to be a partner for life. In this article, we will discuss why flirting is useful and share tips that will make you a successful seductress knowing how to flirt with a guy.

What Is Flirting?

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Flirting is a social and sexual behavior that involves both verbal and written communication. Flirting can also involve body language if someone positions themselves in a way that shows interest in another person. In fact, anything that involves behaving in a way that suggests intimacy can be labeled as flirting. Even something as simple as a brief touch, a flick of the hair, or an open stance can be considered a way of how to flirt with a guy.

20 Ways How to Flirt With A Guy

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Compliment Him

Compliments are not just for girls! One of the easiest ways to show a guy you are interested in him is to pay him a compliment. Don’t shy away from telling him that you find him attractive. Guys do not get complimented as much as women, so a little goes a long way. Compliments can go beyond physical appearance. You can also make comments about his intellect, sense of humor, or chivalrous nature.

Show Appreciation

Show the guy you are interested in how much he means to you by showing appreciation for him. Everyone desires to feel wanted, and men are no exception. Thank him for actions he takes to help you throughout the day, even if it is a small thing like opening a door or texting you good morning. A little thank you goes a long way.

Make Him Laugh

Flirting does not always have to be demure. Not only is laughter the best medicine, but it can also go a long way to boost your flirting game. Do lots of fun and silly things with your guy. The laughter it will generate will release a lot of feel-good endorphins which you will want him to associate with you and the time you spend together.

Be A Good Listener

Listening is also a crucial part of how to flirt with a guy. When he is talking about his day or an issue he had at work, give him your full attention and really listen to what he has to say. Communication is a two-way street and a vital part of successful flirting.

Tell His Best Friend

This is a great way to test the waters if your flirtation is on the newer side. Drop a hint to your guy’s friend that you are interested. You never know. His friend might reveal that the object of your flirtation is equally interested!

Be His Biggest Fan

Don’t be afraid to make your guy feel like he is number one for you. Show support by going to his work events, gigs, or simply talk about his passions. Be his biggest cheerleader, especially if he is feeling down or discouraged.

Try Something New

If you and your guy have been together for a while, trying a new restaurant or hobby together is a great way to spice things up.

Have Confidence

Guys find confidence very sexy. If you feel nervous and unsure on how to flirt with a guy, stand tall, take a deep breath, and realize that there is a good chance he is a little nervous too.

Keep Some Mystery

We all want to get to a point in our relationships where we feel 100% comfortable around our guy. That doesn’t mean you can’t retain a level of mystery. This does not mean you can’t have a no makeup day or wear sweats around your guy. Just don’t tell him your whole life story on the first date. Letting him find out interesting things about you as your relationship progresses is a sure fire way to keep the spark of romance alive.

Give Gifts

We know that women love getting wooed by gifts like flowers and chocolates. Guys like gifts, too! It doesn’t have to be something big. Surprise him with a six pack of his favorite IPA or bring home one of his favorite desserts. It’s a little way to show him that you are thinking about him.

Linger When You Hug

This is another great one if your flirtation is new. When you hug your guy, linger in the hug. Do not pull away quickly. If you are at a point where you feel comfortable, press your body against his, and he will get the message loud and clear.

Touch Him Subtly

Less is more. Sometimes the small act of brushing your leg against his under a table at a restaurant will be enough to drive him wild. Subtle touches amp up the sexual tension between you and your guy.


Tell him a secret. Get him to lean in and gently whisper something in his ear. This may seem like a trick you used in grade school, but it still works every time!

Eye Contact

Give him your full attention when he’s telling you a story at a crowded bar. Wandering eyes might make him feel like your checking somebody else out. Also, let him catch you checking him out from across the room. Do be aware there is a balance when it comes to how to flirt with a guy with eye contact. Too much can easily be read as creepy.

Send A Flirty Text

If you’re a little on the shy side when it comes to how to flirt with a guy face to face, take it to text. Send him a flirty message. If he responds with a flirty text back, don’t be afraid to amp up the seduction. This is a great way to build up tension and make for a steamy evening. You won’t be able to keep your hands off each other!

Make Time For Dates

If you and your guy have been together for a while, it’s easy to forget to set aside time to go out for dates. You might find yourselves spending all your evenings at home in front of the TV. Going out to new places and dressing up for each other will help to keep things flirty.

Wear Lingerie

Where something flirty and lacey. Text him a picture of it before your date. Let him catch a glimpse of a strap over dinner. If you have been together for a while, buy something new and surprise him.

Role Play

If you and your guy feel like the flirtation is gone, try role-playing as strangers on your next date. Meet at a bar and pretend like you have never met. The flirting will flow!

Take Up One Of His Hobbies

Is your guy a gamer? Does he love hitting the slopes every winter? If he has expressed interest in you joining him in his activities, it will not hurt to spend time learning how to do them. Doing things he enjoys, together, will only strengthen your bond.

Play Up His Masculinity

Guys like being guys, and they love it when you notice. Don’t be afraid to ask him for help. Let him assemble that tricky Ikea bookshelf or catch the spider that is precariously hanging in the corner of your shower.

Why Flirting Is Good Even In A Relationship

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Flirting can also be a harmless way to release stress or build self-esteem. It does not always mean you want to end up with the person you are flirting with. If you are in a relationship, talk with your partner about flirting with other people. Share what you are comfortable with when it comes to flirting with other people. When we make flirting off limits, it might make it that much more tempting. Flirting with others may very well spice things up at home between you and your partner.


Hopefully, you now feel more confident when it comes to knowing how to flirt with a guy. Flirting is a fun way to start up a new relationship or keep the fires burning in an already established one. Remember, you should always feel comfortable when chasing love. Doing so will not only keep you safe, but help you to feel more confident when flirting with a guy. The more confident you are, the sexier you will be to your man!

How to Break Up With Someone Respectfully

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how to break up with someone

Relationships typically start out much easier than they end. This is because it’s new and exciting and you can’t stop giving each other knowing glances. But rarely does a relationship last forever, and that means you will inevitably experience a break up
at some point in your life; perhaps several times. Learning how to break up with someone is a life skill we all need to master.

It can be even harder to break up when you will be the one responsible for the end of your relationship, but nobody enjoys breaking up with someone. It can be painful and messy and lead to even more heartache than you intended for either of you. That is why you should learn now how to break up with someone properly.

There are several reasons why you may feel it’s time to break up with your significant other, such as continuous conflict or different values or beliefs, or maybe you have just grown apart. Regardless of the reason for your breakup, it does not mean you can’t learn how to break up with someone as respectfully as possible. And what better time to do that than the present?  We will gladly teach you the ways of a respectful breakup so you can part amicably.  After all, you did (most likely) share plenty of pleasant memories with your significant other, so let’s try to end this in the best way possible.

Why Should You Learn How to Break Up with Someone Respectfully?

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Relationships are a growing and learning experience, whether they are good or bad. This is just a part of why you should learn how to break up with someone respectfully. And, simply put, it will help both you and your partner move on in a much more pleasant way if you can make the breakup amicable.

It is important to be honest with each other, but also to be honest with yourself and why you need to break up with a person. Once you have figured out what it is you want, you need to take the next step of knowing the proper way to convey your feelings to your boyfriend or girlfriend without making the situation worse than it needs to be.  

You need to not only respect their feelings, but respect your own; and part of that means you need to learn how to break up with someone in a respectful way. This will save a lot of heartache for yourself and your partner.

Tips for Breaking Up in a Graceful, Respectful Way

couple standing side by side with red x marks on their hands

Image source: Pexels

It may seem like breaking up with someone in a “respectful” way can be an oxymoron, since no one likes to be broken up with. But we promise that there is a way to break up gracefully, and that is where our guidelines for how to break up with someone comes in. They are basically the DO’s of breaking up, so follow them wisely.

Think Through What You Want and Why

You need to be aware of your feelings on this matter and what it is you want before you go on with any type of break up. And, even more importantly, you need to be clear about why you want it. It’s no secret that your soon-to-be-ex-partner will potentially be hurt by your decision to end things, but you still have to do what is right for you. Just think through what you want to say and how to properly say it without making things worse.

Be Honest, but Don’t Be Unnecessarily Mean

Try to start out by listing the qualities about them that drew them to you in the first place. This will help to make them understand that you do care about them and that there were good times in your relationship. Then follow up with your reasons for wanting to move on from each other. Be firm, but don’t point out all the things about them you aren’t a fan of. It will only make things worse.

Always Do It in Person, but Not Publicly

It is more mature and better for both of your emotions to do the break up in person, so you can express how you both feel face-to-face. But make sure not to do it in a public setting because this will either lead to your partner feeling as though they can’t adequately express themselves out of fear of embarrassment, or they might lose it in a public place. Both are rather unfortunate ways to end your relationship when it could have been handled in a better way.

Talk to Your Support System

Never shut yourself off from other people, especially those who care about you, when you are going through something as tough as a break up. You don’t have to be strong all the time, especially in an instance such as this.  Just make sure it is someone you truly trust, and then, once they’re done listening to you, make sure you listen to them and the advice they give you. It may help you through this difficult circumstance.

Things to Avoid Doing While Breaking Up with Someone

couple sitting side by side on a wood slab

Image source: Unsplash

Just as there are certain things you should make sure you do when you are breaking up with your partner, there are also things you should avoid doing that could make the break up so much worse than it needs to be. You never want to leave your S.O. with a bad taste in their mouth and tarnish the good memories you had together. So when learning how to break up with someone, be sure to follow this list of DON’T guidelines.

Never Avoid Them to Avoid the Break Up

Dragging out an already difficult situation will only make it that much harder for both of you. If they feel you are avoiding them, it will leave them confused and hurt, when you could have just ended things in a better way. Also, people can sometimes let things slip, and you would never want your boyfriend or girlfriend to find out about the break up from someone else before you could even talk to them.

Don’t Make Them Feel Better during the Break Up

It obviously shouldn’t be your responsibility to make them feel better once you are no longer a couple, but it also may come across badly to them and only make them feel worse about the situation. Being nice while dumping them will probably only make them resent you.

Do Not Jump into a Break Up before You’re Ready

When learning how to break up with someone, one of the more important guidelines to follow is just thinking things through before you say them. It is important to not only know what you want to say before you proceed with the break up, but how you exactly want to convey these thoughts and feelings. It will definitely make the break up process either better or worse, depending on how prepared you are.

Never Gossip or Badmouth Your Ex

A great thing to take away when learning how to break up with someone is always be respectful. That also means not talking badly about your now ex.
Regardless of how your relationship was, or even how the break up went, never gossip about your ex or badmouth them to other people. You wouldn’t want them doing the same about you to their friends; you’d only want them to speak positively about you and the time you spent together. Plus, it will hurt your chances of ever being friends again down the line.


robot holding broken heart

Image source: Pexels

The best rule to follow when ending a relationship is what we learned in grade school: treat others the way you would want to be treated. This is especially true when we’re talking about someone you care about that you had a relationship with. So, unless they did something heinous, you need to follow these rules that teach you how to break up with someone respectfully.

They may have done things that angered you or hurt you, but unless it was something unforgivable, it is better to part ways without causing even more issues to an already awful situation.

You also always need to remember that you deserve to have your own feelings about the break up, even if you are the one who initiated it. It does not make it any easier for you because you are the “dumper” when you know something you cherished at one point is now over.  You are allowed to have your feelings while still being kind, respectful, and sensitive to your partner’s feelings.

If, for whatever reason, it still does not go as planned and your S.O. reacts negatively, as long as you did everything you could to properly end things without it escalating, you can’t blame yourself. Things don’t always go the way we want them to, and we have to accept that. But, most likely, if you follow these guidelines for how to break up with someone respectfully, you will be just fine. Trust us.  

10 Most Transgender Friendly Dating Apps

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most friendly transgender dating apps

Imagine that you are a trans woman looking for a transgender dating experience but with nowhere to go in your small town. What do you look for that speaks to your specific needs and interests without having to relocate to a big city?

Online dating has been on the rise. While many may have once considered admitting to online dating embarrassing, now it’s one of the top ways for people to meet their future soulmates. Online sites and apps are the perfect tool for a person of any gender or sexual orientation, and these services cater to those who might not otherwise easily find what they are looking for in a relationship. We’ve compiled a list of the best dating apps for transgender individuals so you can find what you’re looking for without the need to read through dozens of dating profiles you might find on other dating services.

FAQ About Transgender Dating Sites





How We Reviewed

We took a list of transgender-friendly dating sites and broke them down into manageable pieces: key features, pros, cons, and price range. We used these characteristics and came up with a top ten ranking of the apps we reviewed, allowing you an easy go-to as you begin your online dating journey.

Overall Price Range of Transgender Dating Apps (and Similar Products)

The price of each of the apps we reviewed varies from completely free to costing a monthly subscription to unlock access. We used the price ranges to help us come up with our list and to let you know exactly what you are paying for.

What We Reviewed

  • Transdr
  • Zoosk
  • TransgenderDate
  • TS Scene
  • I Love TAT
  • Trans4Date
  • MyTransgenderCupid
  • MyTranssexualDate
  • TGPersonals



Image source:


Transdr is the new app on the transgender dating scene. Modeled after Tinder and Grindr, Transdr offers an easy-to-use swiping style to match up transgender singles with their potential partners. It offers a free account for all new members, allowing them to match and message with other users. Because it is the new app in town, the developers have made some mistakes that they’ve had to fix, such as the controversy surrounding the use of derogatory names to describe transgender individuals.


You can download the Trandr app and create a profile for free.


Trandr can be found online or through the app store.


  • Easy to use swiping style
  • Free access to match


  • Newer app, not as much variety as established sites
  • Issues with derogatory names
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While not necessarily a transgender dating app, Zoosk is a well-established app that allows for different sexual orientations including transgender. Zoosk boasts a large user database with over 28.9 million profiles with fairly even demographics. According to Zoosk, 48% of users identify as male and 52% identify as female. The likelihood of finding a connection is much higher than the newer transgender-only sites.

Zoosk is easy to use. It allows you to sign up with a social media account, streamlining the profile creation. It’s also free to use to a certain extent, allowing you to match and use some forms of communication without paying any subscription fee. Users who are serious about dating will prefer the paid membership and the additional options you get with it.


You can download the Zoosk app for free. Memberships start a aboutt $20 a month.


Users can access Zoosk on their website and with the Zoosk app on their smartphone.


  • Easy to use and sign up
  • Basic version is free
  • Millions of users
  • Utilizes a match algorithm


  • Users must purchase a membership for full access
  • Not specifically for transgender individuals
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Image source:


Another dating site that isn’t specifically designed for transgender individuals, has a huge database of around 30 million profiles and accepts all gender identities and sexual orientations. Because it is a more established site, there is a higher likelihood of members finding a connection, especially since the algorithms designed to make highly compatible matches. The ratios are similar to Zoosk, with 49% of users identifying as male and 51% identifying as female.

However, cannot be used without paying for a membership. All you can do for free is create a profile. Beyond that, a subscription is required for those looking to match and message other members. This site would be perfect for those looking for something serious.

PRICE memberships start at about an average rate a month. You can save some money if you purchase several months at the same time.

PLATFORMS can be accessed on their website or with the Match app on a smartphone or tablet.


  • Sends matches based on your preferences
  • Accepts all orientations
  • Tons of members on a well-known and established site
  • Higher success rate than newer apps


  • Not transgender specific
  • High price tag for usage
  • Lengthy questionnaire to fill out
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Image source:


TransgenderDate is a transgender dating app that offers exclusivity for transgender individuals and is completely free for all its users, making it incredibly easy to get started in the dating community as a transgender person. TransgenderDate has around 400,000 profiles and over ten years of experience. It is known as a safe and well-established transgender dating app. Every profile is verified before being made public, giving users a sense of security that many other dating sites and apps do not offer.


TransgenderDate is completely free to use.


TransgenderDate is currently only available online at t


  • Free
  • Transgender specific
  • Well-established


  • Fewer profiles than a general dating site like Zoosk or Match
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Image source:


While it isn’t as well-known as some apps and sites previously mentioned, TS Scene is a transgender dating app you may want to consider using in your search for love. TS Scene is free and easy-to-use, making it more appealing for those looking to keep things casual. It caters to the users who want to be flirty and open-minded but is limited to users inside the US.


The TS Scene site is completely free to all users within the United States.


Currently, TS Scene is available online at their website.


  • Free
  • Easy-to-use
  • Transgender specific


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I Love TAT


Image source:


Described as a “virtual bar”, I Love TAT is a site for those 18 and older looking to flirt with transgender individuals. I Love TAT flaunts that users are experimental and open-minded, which would be a perk for someone looking for casual flirting. The TAT stands for “try a transgender,” making it a specific transgender dating app.

Users can sign up and begin using the site for free, getting ten flirts a day on the basic plan. To upgrade, members can get a one year subscription for less than $2 a month.


I Love TAT can be used for free or upgraded to one-year premium access for less than $2 a month.


I Love TAT can be accessed on their online website.


  • More flirty and casual than other sites
  • Transgender specific
  • Users can match and flirt with the free version


  • Not a huge number of users
  • Doesn’t cater to those looking for long-term interactions
  • Only paid subscriptions offer full access
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Image source:


Trans4Date is a free transgender dating app whose motto is “it all starts with a date.” It is easy to use, allowing you to sign in with social accounts, and offers 11 different gender and orientation options, making it perfect for those looking for something specific. However, Trans4Date is fairly new to the scene. This means its member base is currently fairly small.


Trans4Date is free to use for its members.


Trans4Date can be used on their website or through the Android app.


  • Free to use
  • Easy sign up with social media accounts
  • Eleven gender options


  • New dating option
  • Low member database
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With a respectful goal of creating meaningful and healthy relationships, MyTransgenderCupid is a free transgender dating app for transgender women specifically. MyTransgenderCupid is available internationally, and you can narrow your search to specific regions. Their user database is regularly scanned for fake profiles or scams, making it safer than some other dating services. Due to the fact that the service is still in the developmental stages, it has had some bugs to work out and is not yet as well known as other options.


MyTransgenderCupid is free for all users all over the globe.


My Transgender Cupid can be accessed via their website .


  • Free
  • Caters to transgender women
  • International options
  • Censored for spam and fake profiles


  • Still in development
  • Not as well-established
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Image source:


Another option in the international transgender dating scene is MyTranssexualDate, a site designed by a French man and his transgender wife to help break free of the stereotypes that often plague the transgender community. MyTranssexualDate is for transgender individuals only and caters to women specifically, creating a safe and secure environment to find a meaningful relationship no matter where you live.


It is free to sign up for a profile on the MyTranssexualDate website


My Transsexual Date can be accessed on their website.


  • Created by transgender for transgender
  • Positive mission 
  • Safe and secure environment
  • International options


  • Fewer profiles than general sites
  • Specific to men attracted to transgender women
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Image source:


TGPersonals is another free transgender dating app that offers users the creativity to describe themselves in their own words, giving potential matches the ability to get an idea of that individual’s personality. Members can sort through multiple search criteria to find what they are looking for, including the type of relationship they want. However, TGPersonals is a low quality site. with spelling errors and fake profiles or scams. TGPersonals is also only available in the US, giving it a smaller user database.


TGPersonals is free for users to sign up and use.


TGPersonals can be accessed through their website.


  • Free to use
  • Allows users to describe themselves in their own words
  • Detailed search criteria
  • Transgender specific


  • Poorly maintained
  • Limited to users in the United States
  • High possibility of scams and fake profiles
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Insert Image
Insert Image

There are now a wide variety of transgender dating apps to choose from, whether you’re searching for a casual meeting or the love of your life. The best ones for beginners might be the transgender specific dating apps like TrangenderDate. Their larger user databases and ease of use can help ease you into online dating, although caution is advised when dealing with poorly maintained sites like TGPersonals, especially for those new to the transgender dating scene.

For those who know who they are and what they want, it wouldn’t be a bad choice to sign up for general sites like Zoosk or With their larger member databases and well-established experience, it may be worth the time to fill out the questionnaire and sign up for a subscription. The main thing to remember when online dating is to be smart and be safe. The world of online dating can offer many new possibilities and be a great place to meet new people if used correctly and safely.

Best First Date Ideas: Ultimate Guide

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Sweet couple

Image source: Pixabay

We have all been there before. We see someone we like and muster up the courage to ask them out, but suddenly get struck with the pressure of choosing a great first date location. We start running through ideas, wondering what our date may enjoy, go to friends for their best first date ideas, and more. Yet, we always end up crossing our fingers and just hope our date enjoys our pick.

While we cannot help our readers with their pre-date nerves, we can help with the stress of choosing the location for the best first date you have had in a long time. In this article, we have a few recommendations that are sure to be a hit when planning a first date with someone you want to get to know better.

FAQ About Best First Date Ideas

Some of us have been in the dating game for a while and think we have it down, but we still make mistakes along the way and need a little guidance. Our remaining readers may be new to the dating scene and looking for a little confidence boost when deciding on best first date ideas. Here are a few frequently asked questions we typically receive about first dates.






How We Reviewed These Best First-Date Ideas

Man holding flowers

Image source: Pixabay

We researched hundreds of unique first date ideas to find the top five we suggest you try. The goal in finding these was to create a list of fun, casual first dates where you are not just going to a movie to watch a screen or surrounding by a group of people with no chance to talk to one another. The purpose of a first date is to get to know the person you are with. As such, we picked five dates most conducive to discussion, comfort, and really getting to know who this person you are on a date is - what they like, what they dislike, what their personality is, how they interact with others, and more.

Overall Price Range

Most of the ideas we came up with are free or low-cost. Our trampoline park suggestion was the most expensive and ranged anywhere from $ to $$ per person, but the fun will be endless with that one. Overall, these best first date ideas allow the person planning the date to have control over his or her price point, taking away the stress of overpaying for a first date.

Ideas We Loved

  • Go to One of Her Favorite Places, Then Go to One of Yours
  • Have a Game Night
  • Go to a Trampoline Park
  • Bookstore or Library Browsing
  • Volunteer Together

Go to One of Their Favorite Places, Then Go to One of Yours

couple holding hands while walking

Image source: Pixabay

The options are endless with this best first date idea. It may sound overwhelming to decide what to do, but it really is not. Just choose one place you would love to take her and let her choose one place she would love to go to get to know you. This idea will show both of you a lot about the other - what you enjoy, your preferences, personalities, friends and more!

The great thing about this option is you can tailor your activities to your budget. If you are looking to go all out, she can suggest a fancy restaurant and you can suggest a ball game afterward. Keep in mind the need for outfit changes with this one. You may be comfortable going to a fancy restaurant in the same outfit as you would a ball game, but she may not be. Make sure you plan this with her.


  • Personalized date
  • Know your date will enjoy the plans
  • Get to see what you both enjoy doing


  • You may not like your date’s idea - but this will tell you a lot about whether the relationship will work
  • May be expensive
  • Could be awkward for couples who just met

Price Range

The price range for this date idea is adjustable. Whether you want to go on an extravagant date with all the bells and whistles or just keep it simple, this is a perfect fit. You can discover some of the best first date ideas just by talking to your date about what their favorite hobbies are and what they enjoy doing. Then do a quick Internet search and find your best options.

Have a Game Night

couple holding candle lights

Image source: Pixabay

This best first date idea is casual, fun, and encourages playful conversation (or your most competitive sides, depending on your personalities)! We love the idea of choosing a local coffee shop, park, or outdoor area for this date. Being in a public place with stuff going on around you will make the date more enjoyable and provide more to talk about.


  • Memorable date
  • Choose a comfort location you both like
  • Fun 
  • Encourages laughter
  • Everyday activity gives insight into what life could be like together


  • Location could be distracting
  • Your date may not enjoy playing games

Price Range

You can also adjust this date idea to your budget. If you want to do something memorable, but cannot afford to spend money, go to a park and bring some iced tea or hot cocoa from home. If you would like more people around to encourage conversation, a coffee shop may be an excellent idea and your outing will only be the price of two drinks.

Go to a Trampoline Park

person feet wearing red socks

Image source: Pixabay

If you are looking to channel your inner child, visiting a trampoline park is a great choice. Some of the best date ideas are ones that may sound a little wild, but who would not remember bouncing around on a trampoline while having a good laugh. Plus, experiencing adrenaline and happiness will make your date like you and connect with you more. Who would not want that?

We recommend this best first date idea for our young and young-at-heart couples. We also suggest you not spring this activity on your date, but rather ask beforehand if they would want to do something fun like go to a trampoline park together.


  • Hours of fun
  • Lighthearted and entertaining
  • Get to see your date's personality


  • Possibility of injury
  • Your date may feel uncomfortable


Different trampoline parks have different prices. They tend to range anywhere from $ to $$ per person, depending on the location and how much time you want to jump for. Most locations offered a one-hour pass but allow you to purchase additional time.

Bookstore or Library Browsing

couple on s library

Image source: Pixabay

For our literary lovers, visiting a bookstore or library is one of the best date ideas we could think of! You can truly get to know someone based on what they enjoy reading and searching through the books is sure to stir up an interesting conversation.

This date idea is perfect for anyone at any age. Your interests will change over time and so will your date's. Plus, if you both enjoy reading, you can suggest books to each other and enjoy learning from each other and these book-related dates. If you are skeptical about how this idea would work on a first date, try it! You will be surprised by how easily conversation will flow.  


  • Encourages great conversation
  • Discuss similar and different interests
  • Learn about your date’s opinions


  • You may feel obligated to purchase a few books your date points out
  • Your date may have fibbed about their love for literature or may not like reading at all


This date should be free unless you find your date is pressing you to read one of the books he or she likes. One way to get around this is to ask if you can borrow the book. This way, you will not have to buy it and you will have an excuse to see your date again.

Volunteer Together

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If you were to stop and think of some of the best first date ideas you have heard over the years, volunteering probably was not included in that list. However, this date idea is truly amazing not just for you and your date, but also for the community. If you sincerely want to get to know your date and see their heart for others, there really is no better way than taking time to volunteer together.

There is something about giving back to others that brings out our inner beauty and connects us with those we volunteer with. You will be able to see your date’s kindness toward others and also reveal a side of yourself in a way that makes this one of the best first date ideas we found.


  • Giving back to others
  • Getting to know each other on a deeper level
  • Creates fond memories


  • None found

Price Range

Depending on what you decide to do, the price range varies. You could serve food at a soup kitchen for free, volunteer at a local event that may have a registration fee, or purchase food to hand out to the homeless in your city. However, most options are free or fairly priced.

​The Verdict

In planning your first date. everyone has unique personalities and interests, age also is a factor. However, we believe planning a game night may be your best first date option. You and your date will have something to do to keep you busy but also experience fun. conversation, and comfort with one another.

While not everyone likes board games, you can always pick something that suits your date’s personality and age. Older couples may want to enjoy drinks on a casual restaurant patio and play cards, while our younger readers may think playing Life in the food court at a shopping mall may sound amusing. Whichever date idea stands out to you, you can trust that these are some of the best first date ideas for getting to know someone you are interested in. What are you waiting for? Try one of these best first date ideas this weekend!

Questions To Ask A Girl On A First Date

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couple smiling while the girl trying to wear a jacket

There are two reactions most people have to a first date: nervous excitement or dread. While necessary, first dates present guys with a lot of situations to stress over and ponder. What questions to ask a girl on a first date is a big deal. Other things to consider include the following:

  • What to divulge or not
  • What subjects to talk about
  • How to fill gaps in conversation
  • Who pays for the bill
  • What to do if it’s not going well?

The list goes on and on. We can’t help you with all of these items since some situations just depend on the chemistry between you and her. We have compiled a list of the best questions to ask a girl on a first date to get the most out of the experience. So layer on your deodorant, because you only get one chance to make that great first impression.

Why Ask a Girl Questions on Your First Date?

Couple date while having wine

Questions are the best way to get conversation flowing. Getting her talking serves other purposes, too:

  • It helps you gauge compatibility more quickly and accurately
  • You get to know her personality and personal history
  • It will help to relax both your nerves and avoid awkward silences

Once conversation gets flowing, watch as her shoulders relax and feel your own do the same.

Ten Great Questions to Ask a Girl on the First Date

couple sitting in a wooden surface while staring at the woods

Knowing what you will ask in advance can help you avoid grasping at straws to find something to say. Each of these questions can lead to fun, lively conversation. Be careful though—it’s not an interrogation. Don’t barrage her with questions and make her feel like she’s facing the inquisition.

Whether this is a first date with someone you met on a dating app or a blind date set up by a friend, the goal is to end up talking for hours and not know where the time went because you both had such a good time. Here are some great questions you can use to break the ice and get to know each other.

1. What Did You Do Last Weekend?

This is one of the best questions to ask a girl on a first date. It’s doesn’t feel like you’re prying into her past, but it will give you a feel for who she is beyond what you already know. Is she adventurous or a homebody? If she’s done something out of character for her, she’ll let you know. Maybe her friend dragged her to Vegas without much warning, or maybe she spent the weekend on a planned family camping.

This can add to a list of shared likes and dislikes. You might even learn something interesting about her that may not have come up otherwise. She could be a chess champion or head up a trivia team every Saturday night at the local pub. This will get you great answers.

2. Do You Like Your Job?

This is a better question than the standard “What do you do?” Her telling you she’s a bartender doesn’t give you any insight on what she likes or doesn’t like about it. Is her current job temporary, or has she found the job she wants to retire from? This will also give you insight into what kinds of hours she keeps and if they’re compatible with yours.

3. Do You Have Any Pets?

One of the most insightful questions to ask a girl. Why? Well, if you have a terrible aversion or allergy to cats and she has four, that could be a non-starter. But there’s something more to find out beyond her being a dog or cat person.

This answer can let you know her feelings about commitment. If she turns her nose up to pets, you might want to ask how long she’s known her best friend. Pets and friends can give you an idea about the length of her relationships and if she’s willing to put the work in to make those kinds of relationships thrive. You never know, you may end up being a cat person for the right girl.

4. What Are Your Friends Like?

Yes, it’s good to find out what her family is like, but there are better questions to ask a girl in this situation. Her friends are 100% her choice. You want to know if they’re crazy partiers, successful high achievers, or free-spirited hippies. People like to spend time around like-minded people to a certain extent.

5. What Sort of Vacations Do You Like to Take?

Instead of asking where she’s been, ask this question to find out the things she likes to do once she gets there. She may have just gone to Hawaii, but did she parasail and swim with the sharks or did she spend her time around the pool sipping drinks? This is one of the questions to ask a girl that can highlight a fun compatibility.

6. What Are Your Favorite and Least Favorite Foods?

This is a great question to ask right after food is ordered. While it may not be a deal breaker, you’ll want to know if she only eats broccoli and cod because it will limit where the two of you can go together. If she’s adventurous in the food department and you’re not, future dates may introduce your tastebuds to new flavors.

7. What Could You Spend All Day Talking About?

Of all the questions to ask a girl on a first date, this one can give you insight into what may trigger a pet peeve for you. If she can talk all day about a TV show you don’t watch or don’t like, can you live with that? This could be where politics rears its ugly head, and you’ll quickly learn if you share the same views. On the other hand, you two may immediately slip into an hour-long conversation about a common interest.

8. What Are Some of Your Biggest Pet Peeves?

Well, let’s get it out of the way. There could be deal breakers here. She may not like meddling parents but you talk to yours every day. Maybe she hates country music and you’re in a Willie Nelson cover band, or maybe messiness drives her crazy and you’re a self-proclaimed slob. There could be problems here, but it’s good to learn about pet peeves early on. You may also share the same pet peeves and be able to secretly judge others together.

9. What’s on Your Bucket List?

What a great way to understand what her passions are. You might follow up by asking her what she’s already crossed off her list. If her bucket list of adventures sounds like a nightmare to you or bores you to tears just listening, you’ll have some food for thought. You might find that you have a lot in common and, down the road, might check items off your bucket lists together.

10. Are You Up for a Second Date?

Ambiguity here is not a great thing. You both might have had a great time, but if you don’t ask for a second date, there may not be one. Just get it out of the way. If you had a great time and you’re pretty sure she did too, simply ask her if she wants to go out again. Second dates are an even better way to get to know her. You’ll both be more relaxed and already have a little history together.

This question also lets her know you’re no chicken. Most girls come to a date a little suspicious that guys have commitment issues. Ending the list of questions to ask a girl on a date with this one shows her you’re interested and you’re not afraid to show it.

Questions You Should Avoid Asking

questions to ask a girl on a date

While it’s important to know what questions to ask a girl on your date, it can be just as important to know what topics to avoid. Remember, you’re out with her to have an enjoyable evening, not to see if she can engage in an angry debate. Avoid topics such as these:

  • Who did you vote for?
  • What is your ex like?
  • How many partners have you had?
  • How much money do you make?
  • Do you think I’m attractive?
  • Do you want to sleep with me? 

Steer away from these like the plague. Some of them you’ll want to know—eventually. You may think you need to get these out of the way because they’re “deal breakers,” but a lot of these topics may seem less important once you get to know each other. Stick with the good questions to ask a girl on a first date and save some of these more intense or personal questions for later.


questions to ask a girl on date

First dates can be nerve-wracking, but they don’t have to be. When you have the courage to start the conversation, you’ll appear confident but not cocky. By asking these questions, you’ll seem interested without coming off as nosy. If one date doesn’t go well, the next one might. Keep trying until you find Ms. Right—she’s out there.

How to Ask a Girl Out: 15 Cute Ideas

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Every time you see her, you never want it to end. Maybe you haven’t asked the girl of your dreams out yet or maybe you want to take it to the next level and ask her to be your girlfriend and you just don’t know how to ask a girl out in a clever way. Whatever you’d like to ask, you’ll want to make it cute and memorable. We’re here to help you decide how to ask a girl out to get you a yes.

Read on and win the girl!

What Is How to Ask a Girl Out: 15 Cute Ideas

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Everyone needs a little help now and then. When you’re faced with the girl you want to ask out or to be your girlfriend, you want to make it special. Girls love ideas that will make her blush—in a good way—so you’ve got to decide how to ask a girl out in the cutest way possible.

Is There a Need for Cute Ideas on How to Ask a Girl Out?

Your girl has probably been asked out before. Chances are, they all sounded similar. You want to stand out and make her feel like the most important thing in the world to you. Girls love cute ideas and the guys gutsy enough to go for it.

When figuring out how to ask a girl out, we made it easy so you can move quickly. Postpone too long and you risk losing out to some other guy that just didn’t wait as long. Take your chance but don’t take your time. Give her something to talk about and think about. If you do the cute idea right, she’ll jump at the chance to say yes.

1. Message in a Bottle

Whether it’s in a pool, a bathtub or just washed up to shore on a beach date, a cute handwritten message in a bottle is sure to wow her. Make the message personal to her. Plus, she can keep both the bottle and the note forever if she’s the sentimental type.

2. Sports Jersey

If you both share a love of a certain team why not put #1 girlfriend on a jersey or t-shirt of your favorite team as a clever way of asking her to commit to you? If you’re asking her out for the first time, you can change the title to #1 date—how cute is that? She can wear it with pride on every game day and tell everyone the story of how you asked.

3. Sweet Treats

hand offering cupcake tips on how to ask a girl out

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If baking isn’t your second nature, we’re confident you can still pull this one off. Find a great recipe for something sweet online: a large cookie, a cake or cupcakes. Then get frosting gel or frosting in a tube and spell out what you’d like to ask her. The path to a girl’s heart is sometimes through her sweet tooth.

4. Call Her—Like on the Phone

Texting is the way we communicate, but it’s overdone and not personal. Click her name and let the phone ring. She’ll love hearing your voice and you get to show courage in not just typing it all out and waiting. Let her hear you fumble on your words, it’s ok, and it’s awfully cute. She’ll be blushing on the other end and may just interrupt you to say yes.

5. Bartender or Barista

Enlist the help of an employee at a place you go together. When she gets her beverage, have them slip her a note from you. It’s super thoughtful and shows you put some forethought into it. The note can be something you both look back on with fond memories. Extra points if you have them form a heart in the foam of her latte.

6. Deliver Some Pizza Love

Call in a pizza order in private. Ask them to write your message on the inside of the pizza box. Sure, there’s a chance they’ll get the message asking her to be your girlfriend wrong, but that will be hilarious and even cuter. Who can say no over pizza? Especially if you pop in her favorite movie while you eat.

7. Instagram Her

Posting a picture of the two of you with a big public, heartfelt compliment about her will send the warm and fuzzies over the social media air waves straight to her. You’ve also made her feel great in front of both her and your friends. That’s sure to make her feel super special and definitely get a yes for the big question you want to ask.

8. Say Anything

First, watch the movie Say Anything if you haven’t seen it. Find the scene where the guy holds up a radio playing a super romantic song towards the bedroom of the girl he loves. Use a bluetooth speaker, her favorite song and mimic the movie. She will swoon, we promise. It doesn’t get cuter than this.

9. Make It about Her

What really lights her up? What do her friends tell you are her favorite things? Find out what’s special to her and ask her on a date that includes whatever that is. Let her know you want her to have the best time and that being with her is your good time. She will squeal inside and is sure to yes to someone so thoughtful.

This date doesn’t have to be fancy. In fact, the most important things to her might cost nothing. Give her all your attention on the date. Put your phone away and be present with her. Super cute and one of the best answers to how to ask a girl out.

10. Say It with Balloons

Get her a ginormous bouquet of balloons. Write a letter or word on each balloon spelling out how you want to ask her out. Mix them up and leave them somewhere for her to find. Attach a note to one balloon telling her it’s a riddle and, once she figures it out, to call you with her answer.

She’ll be so excited to solve the riddle and once she does, she’ll be floored. Trust us, she’ll jump at the chance to say yes.

11. Pick a Special Day

This will blow her away. Pick her birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Eve or something similar and ask her out for that day. She may already have plans so pick a time when she isn’t booked. Breakfast on Christmas Eve is super cute and romantic. Bring a little gift and a bouquet of candy canes. Whatever special day you choose it will be a memorable and cute anniversary for you to celebrate.

Here are other ideas for special days:

  • New Year’s Day- bring her some aspirin and Smart Water to cure a hangover or cute pieces of paper to write her wishes for the new year
  • Easter- bring a little Easter basket of her favorite candy
  • 4th of July- a bouquet of red, white and blue flowers with some sparklers- so cute
  • Halloween- a little pumpkin with her name painted on it
  • Thanksgiving- a handwritten card about why you’re thankful for her 

12. Don’t Use a Pen

You can write a message in the snow, sand or with rocks in a driveway. This shows you’re more creative than other guys and will put a little time in to get your point across. Extra points for adding flowers or rose petals to your handiwork. She’ll snap a picture just after she says yes.

13. Create a Romantic Oasis

If you’ve got a patio, balcony, porch or even a small kitchen, you’ve got the perfect place to surprise her with a private magical atmosphere. Add candles, flowers, little fairy lights, music and her favorite drink and food. She’ll know you did it all for her to set the stage for asking her out. She’ll feel so special and she’ll tie that feeling to you.

14. Make a Card

Heart drawn in the white card tips on how to ask a girl out

​Via Pixabay

It’s easy to buy a card but making a card for her will put it over the top. Find some quality paper and use your best handwriting. Write from the heart and tell her why you want to make things official. Tell her all her best qualities and how she makes you better when she’s around. She’ll know you’re a keeper.

15. Give Her a Dart and a Map

Put a map on the wall—you decide the radius—and have her throw a dart. Where ever the dart lands is where you’ll take her, once she says yes. Keep the radius small if it’s a first date and expand it if you’re asking her to make it official.

Extra points if you make your own map with things you know she’d like to do drawn or written on it. There may not be a cuter idea known to man. She’ll love it and it’ll stack the odds in your favor.


couple smiling whlie drinking coffee

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There are many clever routes here on how to ask a girl out. Pick any of these and she’ll want to go anywhere with you. These ideas show her you’ve given it some thought and that you don’t shy away from cute ideas.

If you’re crushing hard on her or you’re already dating but want to commit on a deeper level, one cute gesture can set it in stone for the two of you and lead you to your happily ever after.

​Featured Image Via: Unsplash

15 Best Tinder Openers: Starter Tips

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first date

Are you feeling frustrated by the world of dating? This is a common experience that all single people struggle with—the confusion of how to bridge the gap between a casual interaction and a flirtatious one and how to determine the best Tinder openers. Tinder is one of the most common ways that people find dating partner these days, but many people have no idea how to navigate the dating world, much less the intricacies of Tinder.

Many single people feel they are constantly "putting themselves out there" only to be rejected and ignored, which lowers their self-esteem and hope of finding a partner. Since it can be difficult to know what the best tinder openers are, we've collected data to figure out the best ways to start and maintain a Tinder conversation.

What the Data Says about Matching on Tinder

Insert Image
man and woman sitting on bench

Source: Pexels

The data about Tinder matching reflects the experiences of tinder users—men and women have very different strategies, which leads to miscommunication and frustration.


A user's technique for match selection and messaging depends on his or her intentions. A person looking for love and commitment will have a drastically different style than the person looking for a one-night stand.


One of the greatest causes for confusion and dissatisfaction of Tinder users is the variety of strategies being used. Data shows that 35% of men casually like all profiles, while 0% of women do so. Additionally, almost all women are shown to like only profiles of people they are attracted to, while about 30% of men like profiles they are not attracted to. This data reflects the largest difference in usage patterns of males and females—men swipe right much more frequently with lower selectivity, and most women only swipe for profiles of men who they are truly interested in.


Once the first challenge of Tinder—actually finding a match—has been completed, users have to tackle the next barrier: the first message. Men are typically the ones who initiate a conversation on Tinder, so they often feel the most pressure when trying to decide how to break the ice. Another difference in the messaging patterns of men and women is that women message a higher percentage of their matches than men do. Studies show that women are three times as likely to message a match than a man is because of their high selectivity.


A picture tells a thousand words! Your pictures are by far the most important part of your profile, so choose the ones that best represent who you are and show you looking your best. Tinder automatically filters profiles, showing the most popular profiles to those who get the most likes on their pictures. First impressions are almost completely based on looks, so to increase your number of matches, choose your most flattering and interesting pictures.


Your bio is also incredibly important as it is your chance to tell potential matches about your interests and personality. Profiles with bios are shown to receive four times as many matches as those with no bio. If you have no bio, it often sends the message that you aren't trying very hard to find a match; it can come across as boring and disinterested. Having a bio also makes connections easier, because if another user sees that you share a common interest, he or she will be much more likely to swipe right.

Another question that tinder users struggle with is how long to make their bio. A bio that is too long can come across as overbearing—no one wants to read ten lines just to figure out what you like. The best bios give other users just a taste of how cool and interesting you are, intriguing them enough that a swipe to the right is inevitable. The most successful bios are short bios that explain the main points of who you are with a little humor sprinkled in.

Conversation Starter Tips

beard beverages break cafe

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The hardest part for many Tinder users is starting a conversation. It can be difficult to express yourself over text, and the opening line is often a high-pressure situation. The opening line is your only chance to engage the cutie you just matched with. When you combine your anxiety with confusion about what others find attractive, this combination can cause stress and ultimately lead to some awful pick-up lines. To help you avoid being overwhelmed by this dilemma, we have compiled a few simple conversation tips.

The best tinder openers are funny, genuine, and likely to elicit a response. It is important that your first message doesn't seem like you copy-pasted it to every match, as this will make you seem uninvested and unoriginal. Be yourself and create a connection, but at the same time keep the tone light and funny. Using these tips will transform a mediocre opening line into a catchy conversation starter.


If you want to spark a conversation, you need to draw in your match, making him or her curious about what you might say next. Ask a unique question or mention one of your common interests, giving a reason to respond. Initiating a conversation with a boring "hey" or "what's up" will get you nowhere, as it implies that you are not invested in the conversation and therefore not looking for a real connection. To be successful on Tinder, use an opening line that is creative and hard to ignore.


97% of single women believe that a sense of humor is just as attractive as good looks. Being funny is a great way to keep dating fun and make your match look forward to your messages. As long as you're not overly cheesy, humor is always a good thing when trying to attract a date. This is one of the best ways to stand out and increase your number of replies.


The best Tinder openers are funny, engaging, and personal to you, so the best way to stand out from your competitors is to let your personality shine through! Keep in mind that whoever you are messaging is probably receiving an outpouring of introductions daily, and he or she is likely to ignore some of these. To spark interest and create a real connection, be genuine and don't hide who you are. After all, you wouldn't want someone to like who you're trying to be rather than who you really are.


Show your matches that chivalry is not dead! Despite the conflicting messages you might receive from songs and movies, being the "nice guy" is not a bad thing. Rather than opting for a forward and potentially offensive introduction, be polite and respectful when making conversation on Tinder. Stick to funny pick-up lines rather than lewd ones and don't introduce overly sexual undertones unless they happen naturally.


People are more interested in potential partners if they feel that they have something in common, as this usually leads to a more successful relationship. The best Tinder openers engage potential matches on a personal level, using common interests to establish a genuine connection. Use the information in your match's bio or pictures to find a common interest and build your conversation off of it. This is the best way to stand out from other matches and make your potential new date feel comfortable.


A common mistake on Tinder is expecting your matches to respond instantaneously and then getting upset when your match ignores you. We recommend users to be patient and let your match respond in her or his own time—no one enjoys being rushed. However, if you have waited an adequate amount of time, it doesn't hurt to send a tasteful second message. Swallow your pride and remind your match of your existence—it might encourage a response and result in a conversation!


If you're unsure how to proceed after making a match, you can never go wrong with a GIF. Some of the best Tinder openers involve the use of GIFs, as they are perfect for keeping the tone light and bringing a smile. Starting a conversation with a GIF has been shown to make your match 30% more likely to respond, creating more opportunity to move from the abstract zone of Tinder to a more intimate in-person date. Make sure to include an opening line to go along with your GIF, as you want to reflect your own personality as well.


Before sending your first message, consider who you're trying to attract. Age is one of the most important things to consider when formulating your message, as women of different ages are looking for different things, and a 20-something will have a very different response from an experienced 40-something. Data shows that women in their teens and early 20's are attracted by humor and novelty. On the other hand, women in their late 20s and above will more likely respond if you create a personal connection.

The Best Tinder Openers

Insert Image
man and woman eating ice creams

Source: Pexels

Taking all of these tips into account, we have compiled fifteen of the best Tinder openers. We wouldn't advise using these lines verbatim, just in case your new crush has seen them too, but using them as your inspiration and adding your own flair is a great way to make your conversation a success!

  • 1
    "Titanic. That's my icebreaker. What's up?"
  • 2
    "*Some cheesy pickup line* Blah blah blah. Tinder, Tinder, Tinder. Haha, a joke here, an inappropriate message there. Can I have your number?"
  • 3
    "I want this to work, but our only common interest is Kim K. Where do we go from here?"
  • 4
    "I hope you're cool with telling people we met volunteering at an old folks' home."
  • 5
    "Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or one hundred duck-sized horses?"
  • 6
    "Your Sunday breakfast personality is __? A) Waffles & pancakes, slowly savored. B) Apple & granola bar on the run. C) Aggressive mimosas. D) Sleeping until lunch. 
  • 7
    "I see we both enjoy skiing. Are you more the kind of girl who makes the black diamond slopes look easy or the bunny slope look hard? (No judgment either way)"
  • 8
    "You declare a three-day weekend. Are you heading for the mountains, the beach, or some ancient ruins?"
  • 9
    "I hope you like cheesy pick-up lines because if you were a fruit, you'd be a fineapple."
  • 10
     "Do you want me to hit you with a corny pick-up line or can we skip that?"
  • 11
    "Quick—The Notebook or Sleepless in Seattle?!" 
  • 12
    "Phew! I almost swiped left and had a heart attack! Saved at the last minute!"
  • 13
    "81 miles away! How can you breathe up there?! Do you have a parachute? Will you bring me moon rocks?!"
  • 14
    "Do you like Mexican food? I want to wrap you in my arms and make you my bae-ritto."
  • 15
    "Does this mean we're exclusive? :D"

These pick-up lines range from cheesy to sarcastic to ridiculous, but they are all funny, interesting, and successful in starting conversations and leading to dates. Some of them, for example, 6, 7, and 8, start conversations about hobbies or activities, which is a great way to spark immediate interest and quickly move past the small talk. Others, like 5 and 13, are random and hilarious and will help you easily stand out from the rest. These have been proven to be some of the best tinder openers and using them as your motivation should give your Tinder game a head start.


Understanding the ins and outs of the online dating world can be a struggle for the most experienced smooth-talker, but using the advice we've collected from dating professionals and research, you should be able to increase your number of dates and ultimately find what you're looking for. Now you know how to charm your matches get swiping!

The Best Free Dating Sites For You

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Couple Scenic View

Online dating is becoming more popular, and this has seen the rise of best free dating sites. These sites allow you to explore the digital dating world which is different for meeting someone in person.

Back then, online dating sites did not provide a worthwhile dating experience, or they were too sketchy that put your identity at risk. However, all this has changed, and there are plenty of sites to find like-minded people.

With plenty of options to choose from, it can be daunting to know which site is legitimate. Here’s a detailed guide on the best free dating sites and advice on what to look for when evaluating a dating site.

Insert Image
Insert Image

How We Chose Our Rating

Couple Dating

To help you pick the best free dating site, we looked at multiple online reviews. We also classified these sites based on the members subscribed. Another feature that we evaluated was the navigation system and the sign-up process.

Why Should You Consider Online Dating?

Man offering the jacket to his date

Best online dating sites comes with a lot of perks. Here are some reasons to give online dating a try.

Easy to Meet New People

Meeting new people for the first time can be intimidating. Apart from figuring out what to say, you have to deal with the uncertainty of approaching someone who may reject you. However, online dating makes it easier
to meet new people in your area.

Also, you’re sure that they are out there looking for someone. Online dating makes the process of meeting new people less nerve-wrecking compared to a blind date set up.

You Get to Save Time

With our busy schedules and fast lane life, it can be challenging to find time to go out and meet new people. When you sign up on an online dating site, you get to meet people at your convenience. You can reply to
messages and browse around on your free time.

​Save Money

Going for a speed dating event or a singles dinner will cost anywhere from $50 to $150 a night. The possibility of not meeting anyone you connect with are high, and you may end up losing that money.

With online dating, you don’t have to spend money on expensive drinks or costly speed dating events. You can save money with the best free dating sites. Also, some paid sites have free trial periods which you can try
before you sign up.

​A Chance to Meet Like Minded People

Gone are the days where you’d have to go out with someone for several dates to determine if you have a connection. The best free dating sites gives a good idea of whether someone shares your same interests before meeting them.

Also, you have the chance to express what you are looking for and your personality.

Best Free Dating Sites of 2019

couple holding hands while walking

Here are some best free dating sites to check out in 2019.


eharmony logo

The website by clinical psychologist Dr. Neil Clark Warren is responsible for 4% of U.S. marriages. eHarmony uses the 29 dimensions of compatibility test which tests for character, family and values, emotional skills, and personality.

You won’t have to part with any coin to join the site. All you need is to fill out your information, take a questionnaire, and view compatible matches.

Plenty of Fish

pof logo

POF or plenty of fish is one of the leading online dating sites with over 40  million users. Although the site has a full free package, it has some premium package options that allow you to know when someone reads your messages.

The site has a design that allows you to find people for long-term relationships or find someone with no-strings-attached. Unlike other sites that operate on an undisclosed matching algorithm, Plenty of Fish operates based on search.

You can search the entire database and dictate the number of members you see in an hour day, or a week. Also, you can express your personality in detail or keep it short.

The best part about Plenty of Fish is that there are usable questionnaires that give you an idea of your compatibility skills and personality. Something that is beneficial regardless of the best free dating sites you use.

Plenty of Fish has been able to enhance user experience. Statistics estimate that it’s one of the fourth most visited dating sites all over the world.



SpeedDate has different communication channels that include video chat, audio, and text which help you get a connection in no time.

You’re sure of a fast response since the site has over 9 million users. Although the site is completely free to join, you’ll need to pay you to send and receive unlimited messages.

​Christian Mingle

​Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle is one of the best free dating sites that helps Christian singles interact and make a connection. The easy to use interface is a major plus as it makes navigation less complicated.

Also, their targeted user base means that you don’t have to interact with people who do not match your beliefs. Moreover, you don’t need to enter your credit card information when you register, browse, and access different communication channels.


zoosk logo

Zoosk is one of the best free dating sites that allow you to access live video and voice speed sessions through your PC and webcam.

Employees at Zoosk spend their time in charity giving even though the site is all about getting people to interact. You’ll love the easy to use interface and the carousel feature that allows for quick browsing.

Zoosk uses behavioral matchmaking algorithm which gives you more accurate matches than a search based algorithm. One of the best perks that come with being a Zoosk user is that you get to access verified profiles.

The site verifies every profile via a phone number, social media account, or the photos uploaded. One of the downsides is that the strong member retention efforts can make it hard to close your online account.

Book of Matches

Book of Matches

Book of Matches is entirely free and a great way to meet local singles. You’ll only need to create your profile in 30 seconds and browse through the database of singles.

The site allows you to block people who are not of interest. Book of Matches makes it easy to chat online, seek a serious long-term relationship, or find a hookup online.

BOM keeps your identity safe and bridges the gap between self-expression and open chatting for singles willing to hook up. Another free benefit is that you get a customizable video chatroom and a personal blog that people in your favorite list can view.



TasteBuds is not your ordinary online dating site as it allows you to meet people who share your music taste. With a user base of over 200,000 members, TasteBuds is one of the
favorite best free dating sites for music lovers.

You’ll find this site resourceful if you play an instrument or you regularly attend concerts. Although the website is smaller unlike to other dating sites, it’s one of the best sites to find like-minded people.



Date Hookup is popular with college students and younger singles. Also, the site doesn’t give you an option of determining your desired kind of relationship. You won’t find Date Hookup a great idea if you’re looking for a long-term relationship.

Furthermore, you can upload as many profile photos as you like. The users are more  interested in your looks than what you have to say. However, you can find lots of useful features like an online dating chat room, varied users, detailed search parameters, and plenty of mobile apps.


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​ uses a questionnaire which allows the site to determine your compatibility with another user. After the assessment, you’ll be in a category that could be the director, builder, negotiator, or explorer.

With over 11 million users, the site is an excellent place to find your perfect match.

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​Mate 1


Mate 1 has thousands of singles who are looking for an online connection. One of the best things about Mate 1 is the unlimited two-way chatting. Also, you can personalize a voice greeting to someone of interest.

What’s more, the simple to use interface allows you to have conversations with as many people as you like. Their internal mail account enables you to talk to someone in private.

You’ll love the fact that you can upload photos to your private gallery if you do not like them in the public gallery. Also, you can find people from all walks of life as the site respects diversity.

Mate 1 has over 30 million users and gets thousands of singles a day. It’s no wonder it’s one of the fifth best free dating sites in the world.

Insert Image

Free and Single

Insert Image

Free and single has been in existence for over ten years. The site has a free option, and you can choose to upgrade to their premium membership package. The premium package has niche sites that allow you to connect with someone who’s piqued your interest.  

Online Dating User Guide

couples kissing behind an origami

When meeting someone for the first time, it’s tricky to know what to say, how to act, or even what to wear. But with the best free dating sites, you don’t have to go through a nerve-wracking session. With a few pointers, you can be on your way to make a connection online.

Here’s an online dating guide to help you meet a potential partner.

Choose the best dating Sites

With over 5,000 online dating site, the Cyber Sea of love can be hard to navigate. Before settling on any site, check to see if it’s reputable. The number of members subscribed is a good indication. You can also read reviews of the different sites to find one that works for you.

There are free and paid dating sites. While there’s a likelihood of making a sincere connection on free sites, paid sites have more committed members who are serious about finding a relationship.

Most of these sites ask you for personal details which are private. You need to protect your privacy online in as much as you’re looking for a connection. Check to see if the site has privacy settings on your profile. Read their privacy policy to find out how the site shares your personal information with other members.

​Creating an Enticing Profile

When creating your profile for a dating site, you need to determine how much personal information you put out there for everyone. Choose your photos wisely as they could contain information that could put you at risk.

Remember to create a unique username that you don’t use on other online accounts. Use a different email account to set up your dating account. Selfies are suitable as it’s difficult for someone to do a reverse image search and locate you elsewhere.

​Be Safe When Communicating

The excitement of finding someone new can make you rush to give out your email address or phone number. However, you need to take time to know more about someone.

Keep communication to potential partners limited to the site, this way you can report any abusive or offensive behavior. Be cautious if you need to get on a call.

You can create a Google Voice account which generates a different phone number and forwards it to your phone. In case things don’t work out with the other person, they won’t have your real phone number. 

Remember that you might not get messages right away. Do not give up. Go through the profiles with most views and get some tips on what you can exchange.

​Take Advantage of the Convenience

The best free dating sites allows you to meet a variety of people all at once. While this may seem strange at first, but it’s one of the best ways to find out if there’s a connection. You’ll want to see who’s out there if you’re paying
for these sites.

Online dating is an easy way to meet people and make a connection. You no longer have to go to that costly speed dating event or singles dinner. All you need is to create your profile on some of the best free dating sites and browse to get your perfect match.

Remember to be careful and do not be discouraged if things don’t go as you expected. Online dating is a combination of socializing, dating, and business. Give yourself time, and you might be lucky to hit the jackpot. Be careful of online scams and go through the safety advice offered.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend According To Women?

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Couple in the beach

​Women may say that they are simple and straightforward about what they want in a relationship. However, some things a guy is just going to have to know without asking, regarding being a good boyfriend.

Similar to men, women will secretly test the guy they are dating to see if they are indeed quality boyfriend material. It is essential that men pay attention to body language and other unspoken cues.

Avoid the corny and overused pick up lines that will make her cringe, and put the information in this article to good use. If you want to know how to be a good boyfriend, you have to go beyond the expected qualities that you should possess.

  • ​You should be a good listener and conversationalist
  • ​You should know how to make her laugh, surprise her, and be in touch with intuition
  • ​It is better to be a good boyfriend than strive to be a perfect boyfriend

​Honestly, when it comes to learning how to be a good boyfriend, men need to realize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every woman and relationship is different,  and there are specific nuances that can make things work out smoothly.

It is better than men learn about essential things that they should be doing more or less of, and naturally integrating into their dating behaviors.

Valuing Friendship As A Foundation

Male and Female Toy Keychain

​When it comes to being a boyfriend, too often, people forget that you have to be a friend first. Men should enjoy connecting to their date over shared likes and dislikes, give breathing room when needed,
and not try too hard.

Also, to be a good boyfriend, it is essential to respect the friends that a girlfriend always has.  Yes, men may not always get along perfectly with a girlfriend's friends. However, men must realize that a woman will trust
and consider her longtime friend's opinions about you and the relationship, so play nice.

To learn how to be a good boyfriend, it is essential to learn how to deal with a girlfriend's friends if there are
problems. Namely, a girlfriend's friends may love talking crap about the love interest, go out of their way to cause problems out of jealousy or pathology, or are secretly into stealing sloppy seconds.

Learning how to navigate difficult friends of a girlfriend, without alienating anyone, being too rude, or making things uncomfortable is a necessary skill. Give a girlfriend and her friends some space. Avoid trash talking bad friends or being overly clingy to keep a girlfriend all to yourself, and stay consistent and awesome.

If a guy wants to keep a long term relationship with a lady, chances are most of a girlfriend's friends aren't
going away anytime soon.

​Listening Skills Still Rate

Men get a bad rep for not being active listeners or paying enough attention to what women are saying. Why not change this? When having a conversation, or a girlfriend just wants to share about what happened that day, or talk about something valuable, pay attention.

Make sure to be genuinely listening patiently and respectfully, because a woman might quiz a guy later about that time she was talking about something to see if you were listening, or playing pretend.
Men won't have to know all the juicy details, but at least be aware of the gist of what was said and why it was important.

According to an article in the Daily Mail, it turns out both men and women have listening problems.
Men can listen to their friends for fifteen minutes easily but may tune a girlfriend out after a mere six minutes. Women are also apt to listen and focus to their friends more than their boyfriends or significant other.

Despite this tidbit of info, making an effort to listen to a girlfriend is critical for relationship success.

In addition to being a good listener and paying attention, it pays for a boyfriend to have a good reaction time to words or events. If a guy is more aware and understands his girlfriend's unique needs and personality, he will be able to choose a better action to remedy something. Basically, don't offer a girlfriend a cliched solution, because it may prove you weren't listening when it mattered most.

Getting to learn more about what your girlfriend likes, dislikes, or daydreams about can help when selecting a romantic gift to show you are paying attention and care.

​​​Let Her Win An Argument

Man Woman Arguing

When dating, arguments will inevitably happen. However, how a guy handles and argument will either help or halt a relationship.

It might not be fun to lose an argument, or a guy might really make some good points that deserve being recognized. Let's face it, it when it comes to greasing the wheels of a relationship, it is better for a guy to give in and let his girlfriend win most arguments without protest.

There are certain types of arguments that a guy will never win. Even if a guy is right, he will lose, because winning an argument causes sore losers and may encourage irritating bragging rights.

If a girlfriend has a bad mood, let her blow off the steam. It is best to avoid fighting via texting or emails, and they have to be followed up with a real-life conversation for closure's sake.  Also, arguing for the sake of arguing, doing something competitive, or if a guy is unsure about how right they are is not worth it.

Most likely, arguments will lead to people sleeping alone, harboring resentment, and tiptoeing around who will be the bigger person first. Guys should learn some humility and not be pushy to win an argument all
the time, unless they like being single, or are being trodden upon in a relationship constantly.

Don't forget, in addition to letting a woman win an argument; it is helpful if a guy admits he overreacted, was wrong, or tries to patch things up.

Conversation And Connection

​To make a genuine and long-lasting connection with a girlfriend, it is critical that a guy understand the importance of good conversation. Learning to be in the present moment and focused during a
conversation is important, as a girlfriend will realize if a guy isn't making an effort.

Dating is a way to test out what is desired in a partner with the possibility of marriage, or even having kids in the future. It's no fun struggling to have a conversation with someone, who you were only talking to because they had a fetching appearance, and not much else going on.

During a conversation, connect to a girlfriend by touching her shoulder, looking into her eyes, or holding her hand. Make it a point to say "I love you," if the relationship has been going on seriously for a significant enough time.

In the early stages of a relationship, and throughout dating a woman, it is important for a guy to show and verbally tell his lady that he appreciates her. A good boyfriend gives compliments to their girlfriend, lets her know she is beautiful and showers her with affection.

Build a meaningful connection by making dinner plans, or take an impromptu getaway for the weekend when she has time off.

Also, do not forget the power and importance of laughter for health, connection, and sharing in a feel-good moment. Enjoy some stand-up comedy, watch funny films, and be able to laugh at each other to feel comfortable being yourself. It's no fun putting on airs and being stuffy and uptight all the time out of fear.

​​Those Little Things

Couple Holding Hands

Despite progress in society regarding gender roles, women are still often expected to take care of cooking, cleaning, and still manage to keep a job and look lovely all the time despite exhaustion.

One unspoken thing that will make you great boyfriend material and a potential future spouse is to do the following things, especially if co-habitating with a girlfriend.

  • ​Men should do the dishes without being asked, or offer to wash dishes
    after a meal
  • ​A guy should be able to create an amazing dish or two and surprise his
    girlfriend with an at-home date
  • ​Cleaning up around the apartment is a huge plus, it's better not wait
    for things to get bad

​If a guy is willing to do little things to make life a little easier, shows some thoughtfulness for his girlfriend's time and energy, he is more likely to melt her heart faster than with a bouquet of flowers.

Beyond the issues that many ladies complain about regarding men not washing dishes or cleaning, it important to keep up appearances with grooming, dressing well, and being a gentleman.

Yes, both men and women have their moments when they will dress down and let everything hang out, but it is best to try to spruce up and stay groomed more times than not. Take time learning a girlfriend's quirks and preferences, develop relationship skills, and enjoy the good moments between the ups and downs of life.

17 Best Pick-Up Lines To Try Online

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best pick up lines: man woman date in restaurant

Despite attempts to create algorithms permitting otherwise, online dating is hard - but it's a lot harder if you can't even get people to talk to you. Here are some of the best pick up lines we've found.

​How we Picked Our Lines

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best pick up lines: guy and girl talking in the dock

Before we get to the list of best pick up lines, however, we'd like to take a moment to try and cover our process for selecting these. As a general rule, relevant pick-up lines work better than generic ones. Once someone (of either gender) is interested and involved, they're more likely to keep things going and give you a chance.

On the other hand, if nothing is prompting a response, they may just grin and ignore it.
Ladies, we're sorry, but guys are probably lying if they say you're the only one they've tried a specific line on. They're just trying to make you feel unique and important. Men are usually encouraged to "play the numbers" and keep trying to meet people until they find someone who will accept them.

Men usually initiate the contact for dating, so even if you feel overwhelmed with messages, remember that many of the people contacting you don't. Anyone who's serious about a relationship will stop sending out messages once they're convinced you won't be dumping them right away.

Both genders may also want to know what people look for in mate selection - that can help you portray yourself in the best light.

Our Best Pick Up Lines

best pick up lines: guy and girl dating

Here are our best pick up lines to try online

​#1: [Food] sometime? Check yes or no.

best pick up lines: [Food] sometime? Check yes or no.

The food in this pick-up line should be something casual and easy. Tacos are a popular choice - especially if there's a nice food truck in the area. It doesn't pressure people for a serious commitment (even if they pay for themselves, they won't be out much), and encouraging them to pick an option helps you quickly sort through interested people.

If someone picks yes, then congrats, you have a date - and you can select a time that won't overlap with anything else. If they say no, they're probably not seriously interested, and you can move on.

​#2: What's the weirdest message you've gotten here?

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best pick up lines: What's the weirdest message you've gotten here?

This is one of the best pick up lines because this encourages someone to tell a story - and at that point, you become someone who knows about one of their experiences and can start relating to them. It's also good for getting a laugh - and from there, you can spin it somehow to make yourself more approachable.

For example, if someone mentions feeling pressured by a weird message, you can go back to our #1 line and suggest meeting in a friendly, well-lit public place.

#3: [Series 1] or [Series 2]? There can only be one.

best pick up lines: [Series 1] or [Series 2]? There can only be one.

This is a way to get to know someone - and find out if they enjoy certain hobbies as much as you do. Star Wars and Star Trek are a popular choice here, but it could also be Marvel/DC, Game of Thrones/Downton Abbey, or any other series that you think the person may be interested in.

This line is most effective when you know something about them - usually from their profile. For example, you should only mention Marvel and DC if they mention liking comics or superhero movies.

Most people are willing to spend a lot of time talking about their interests, and this encourages them to share and help you find some common ground.

You may be able to spin this into a date. It's not 100% effective, but if you can bring in a relevant movie, a local convention, or some other activity, it's a great way to meet up. It's also a good excuse to let someone bring friends along.

​#4: I can't wait for your mom to say "You could do better" after meeting me.

best pick up lines: I can't wait for your mom to say "You could do better" after meeting me.

This is a joke - although a little self-depreciating in its approach. The idea with this line is to present yourself as imperfect but also entertaining and a little impulsive; that's why it's one of the best pick up lines. It tends to work better on people who are more interested in fun than a serious relationship - although it's always possible for a long-term relationship to grow out of some fun.

Remember, you don't need to be thinking about getting engaged on the first date - no matter how desperate you are. Take your time, have some fun, and see what happens.

​#5: What sort of opener would get you to talk to me?

best pick up lines: What sort of opener would get you to talk to me?

This line goes straight to the heart of things - and encourages a response that can tell you a lot about someone and what interests them. For example, you may find that a lot of the people you match with like corny jokes - or they might want a straightforward date offer instead. Even if you don't connect, you'll probably learn a lot from the responses to this question.

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#6: What was the most random class you ever took and were really into?

Insert Image
best pick up lines: What was the most random class you ever took and were really into?

This is another fishing question - focused on their education and what sort of things they like. Aside from being great material for stories, it gives the other person a chance to recount some genuinely helpful information.

In most cases, you'll want to spin the response into a more extended conversation. For example, if they mention enjoying a class on archaeology, you can ask which part they found the most interesting. At the same time, you can look up any relevant sites in the area (like a museum), and potentially spin it into a date.

​#7: What's your favorite day of the week, and why?

best pick up lines: What's your favorite day of the week, and why?

Here's another inclusion to our list of best pick up lines; a revealing question. It can help you learn a lot about what they prioritize. The days aren't as important as the reason for choosing it, however. If someone says Saturday because "they're done with work," they may feel stressed and appreciate people who bring fun and relaxation.

On the other hand, if they say Friday because they "hang out with their friends" then, they probably value the other people they know. You can then suggest dates that won't take them away from time with those people - or even encourage it by suggesting those friends come along.

​#8: Drink of choice?

best pick up lines: Drink of choice?

​Short, simple, and straight to the point. People tend to enjoy drinks that match their personalities, and it's easy to spin these into a suggestion to get them - unless they're hideously expensive, at least.

There are a few things to pay attention to here. First, not everyone enjoys alcoholic drinks - and that, all by itself, can help you decide if you want to keep pursuing them. Second, it can tell you a lot about someone's lifestyle and priorities.

If someone says that they love fruit smoothies, they're probably health-conscious and would enjoy a lot of walks. If they mention coffee, they probably feel sleepy in the mornings and like feeling more productive. Once you get a response, seriously consider the reason for it and move on from there.

#9: What's the best compliment you've ever received? I want to beat it.

best pick up lines: What's the best compliment you've ever received? I want to beat it.

​This is mostly focused on getting a laugh from someone - but at the same time, it's a serious question. Women tend to receive the pick-up lines, and many of those involved with online dating have heard a lot of them.

Asking for their best compliment gives you something to try on others - and saying you want to beat it portrays you as someone who's looking to put some real effort into trying to make a relationship work. At the very least, it will help you stand a little further from the rest of the pack.

​​#10: I'm writing a book and need some help. It's a phone book, and it's missing your number.

best pick up lines: I'm writing a book and need some help. It's a phone book, and it's missing your number.

​Phone numbers are still relevant - and so, more importantly, is getting them. If someone gives their number, chances are they're relatively serious about a first date. More importantly, it helps you avoid situations like getting a number during a meal and thinking things were going well, only to find out it's a fake and that you paid for everyone for nothing.

​#11: Tell me a story.

best pick up lines: Tell me a story.

​This is an open-ended invitation, and how well it works often depends on the person's mood. That said, outgoing people are more likely to respond with a good story. As with most of our best pick up lines, the follow-up is the part that matters here. In particular, you should try to give a good response to any story you hear.

If it's funny, laugh. If it's sad, sympathize. If it's crazy, emphasize that you're normal. Either way, it's encouraging them to get involved and spend time on you - and that does help.

​​#12: Who do you want on your team when the zombies attack, and why?

best pick up lines: Who do you want on your team when the zombies attack, and why?

Another engaging question - this is among the best pick up lines because it focused a little more on the silly. However, as usual, answers tend to be quite revealing. If somebody mentions an action movie star, they might want to feel safe and protected. If they mention a video game character, they probably enjoy gaming. And so on.
Have a brief response of your own (preferably someone well-known and of the same gender as you). Don't dwell too much on who you'd like, though, because you want them to spend more time talking than listening.

​#13: If I asked you to coffee, food, or a movie, which would you be most likely to agree to?

best pick up lines: If I asked you to coffee, food, or a movie, which would you be most likely to agree to?

​The direct approach can be surprisingly effective - and educational. When people are honest, it's relatively easy to spin into a date. Even if they don't agree to anything, the answers can help you settle on something else to ask people. Either way, you're going to come out ahead.

Just be sure that your tastes in movies match if you see one - it should always be something both of you will enjoy.

​#14: You look fun to sit next to in bed while we both stare at our phones.

​#14: You look fun to sit next to in bed while we both stare at our phones.

​This is a joke on modern behavior with smartphones - with some truth to it. A lot of people spend a whole lot of time with their devices - and this particular pick-up line suggests you aren't going to be too controlling. Instead, you're acknowledging that they have things they want to do - and you would be doing similar things.

This particular line works best on people who want to maintain a comfortable distance in their relationships.

​#15: What's something no one would guess about you from their first impression?

Insert Image
​#15: What's something no one would guess about you from their first impression?

​Another fishing line - and one that's good at reeling in answers. This is an opportunity for people to start talking about themselves. Most of the time, people begin talking about their hobbies or the things they like. They may say things like "I'm a massive Game of Thrones fan and have tons of merchandise" or "I once spent two weeks camping just to prove I could."

The question isn't nearly as intrusive as it might sound at first because the person answering is free to decide what they want to mention. Since they're still in control of the flow of information, they won't feel as pressured as they otherwise might.

​#16: Let's go do something fun.

​#16: Let's go do something fun.

​While this isn't a question, it's good for engaging people. Those who respond well are demonstrating that they're willing to go on at least one date - and those who refuse probably won't work out anyway. Either way, the response puts you in a better spot than you were before. Try to have a few options available, with a few for the same day and a few more taking place over the next week.

​#17: Dogs or cats?

​#17: Dogs or cats?

​There aren't many things people like more than their pets - and figuring out whether they're a dog person or a cat person can be make-or-break for a relationship. After all, you certainly don't want to give up on existing pets! And if you happen to have a pet they'd like - particularly a dog - you can offer to bring them along on a date and introduce them.

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