Bumble Dating App Review

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bumble dating app

Image from Bumble

You’ve decided to dip your toe in the unchartered waters of online dating. Whether you’re eager to get started, hesitant about whether it actually works, or downright terrified of what or whom you might find, a great way to get started is by looking into the pros and cons of each app. Researching each dating site or app would be time-consuming and overwhelming, so we’ve helped you out. In this article, we’ll show you one of the newest and hottest apps on the dating scene, Bumble, and take the guesswork out of the equation. You can jump into this new dating adventure with confidence with our easy-to-read guide. 

FAQ About Transgender Dating Sites

What is the Bumble Dating App?

Bumble Features  


The price for the Bumble dating app varies depending on what you are looking for in your user experience. Upgrades and add-ons can range from completely free to upwards of $9 a week. These extras allow you to add the option of backtracking in case you miss-swiped, “super like” someone for a better chance at being noticed, or boost your profile so you appear more frequently to other Bumble users.

How it Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare. Comparing these apps to Bumble will give you the full scoop on what you’re getting with the Bumble dating app.     

  • Tinder
  • Match
  • OKCupid


Bumble Dating App

Image from Bumble


The Bumble dating app allows access to matching and messaging for no cost but gives you the option to upgrade your experience with Bumble Boost or Bumble Coins


You can download the Trandr app and create a profile for free.


We gave Bumble a five out of five for ease of use. This dating app requires nothing fancy for a new sign-up other than a valid phone number and a few questions to give other users an idea about you. The Bumble dating app allows you to upload six pictures and has room for a short paragraph about you. You can explain your personality in emojis or list your favorite things to do on a first date


We gave the Bumble dating app another five out of five stars for its free user options. Because users have an unlimited number of “swipes,” there is no need to purchase anything to start a conversation or generate a match. There is no cost to download or use the app. There is nothing needed other than a desire for a respectful and female-friendly dating environment. 


The Bumble dating app gets a five out of five for paid user options because it offers a number of nice perks. While you can still match and chat with other Bumble members for free, the add-ins are a big bonus. For about $9 a week, you can upgrade to “Bumble Boost,” which gives you the use of three main features: BeeLine, ReMatch, and Busy Bee. 

BeeLine streamlines the process by allowing you to swipe only on users who have already liked you, which guarantees a match for those not wanting to waste any time. ReMatch gives you the choice of “re-matching” with a user for an extra 24 hours. BusyBee helps those who forget to check the app frequently by extending the time frame by another 24 hours so you don’t miss a match by accident. You can also purchase “Super Swipes” with Bumble coins, the in-app currency. Each coin is about $2 and buys you a “Super Swipe” that grants you the ability to be more easily noticed by a potential match.


  • Easy to set up and customize
  • Women start the conversations, meaning they invest more time in the men they connect with
  • Less threatening atmosphere than other swipe style apps
  • Multiple settings, including friendships and networking
  • High likelihood of matching even on the free version
  • Users do not have to be on social media to join


  • Men have to wait to be contacted by women, even if they are very interested
  • Only available as an app
  • Profiles are visually focused, meaning it might feel like a grown-up version of “hot or not”
  • There’s a time limit on starting conversations, so you have to stay involved with the app
  • Only general search criteria like age, gender, and location
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Tinder Dating App

Image from Tinder

One creator of Tinder branched out to form what is now the Bumble dating app, but how does Bumble compare to its parent app? Tinder is another swipe-oriented style of matching. Conversations can be initiated by men or women, sometimes leading to quantity connections rather than quality matches. You can access the app and set up a profile for free, or you can unlock the full experience with “super likes” and “back swipes” for a cost, much like Bumble.


Comparable to the Bumble dating app, Tinder provides access to its users for free but offers boosts and upgrades for a monthly price. You can buy “in bulk” for several months to get discounts and take your chances of a match to the next level 


Tinder is incredibly easy to use, earning it a five out of five stars. Simply swipe left for “no” and right for a match. You get notified right away if you are matched with someone and the conversation can start right away. There is nothing complicated there! 


We gave Tinder a three out of five stars due to its reputation of more male users with a lack of respect for women. It might not be for someone just starting the online dating game as it can be overwhelming. While there have been many success stories come from Tinder, there have also been countless horror stories that circulate on social media and even the news. 


We awarded Tinder another four out of five stars for the free options simply because they do not give full access unless you purchase the upgrade. However, do not be deterred, because there is every possibility of finding meaningful connections without the bells and whistles of the boost. 


Tinder gets a five out of five for its paid options due to the fact that the boost gives you a higher chance of being noticed or reconnecting with a lost potential match. 


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Either party can start a conversation
  • Can match and chat without a purchase


  • Can seem overwhelming
  • Another glorified “hot or not” list that is visually driven
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Match.com dating site

Image from Match

Stepping away from the swiping found on the Tinder and Bumble dating apps, Match, as the name implies, takes finding the perfect connection very seriously. To start out, setting up a Match account if free, but that is where it ends. Users must purchase a plan to chat with other members, and the website even blocks the picture of who messaged you if you have not upgraded to a paid account. The upside to this is that the vast majority of individuals on the site are serious about looking for love, so there is a much higher chance that your connections will be more meaningful than most Tinder matches. 


There is no free option for Match other than making a profile. If you want access to chat and actually connect with another user, you must purchase a plan. You do get a discount if you subscribe for several months instead of paying month-to-month. 


To create a complete profile on Match, you must answer an onslaught of questions about your likes, dislikes, and personality quirks, as well as questions about your ideal mate. This site is geared towards forming connections based on spiritual, intellectual, and emotional qualities instead of looks, so there is a focus on text over pictures. 


We gave Match a four out of five stars for number of users. It lost a star due to the lower number of users. Rather than a large quantity of individuals looking for a more casual connection, Match boasts users who have long-term commitment in mind. 


Match earned one out of five stars for free options. They only allow a person to make a profile for free. Beyond that, Match users are required to purchase a plan to receive full access to members and messaging. 


The plans for Match are based on the number of months you purchase at one time instead of different add-ons and boosts. Plans start at one month for about $20 and go up from there.  


  • Takes quality versus quantity to the next level
  • Users are more likely to be looking for a real connection
  • Specific parameters for ideal matches, such as hair color, religion, etc.


  • Lengthy profile creation with lots of questions to answer about yourself and your ideal partner
  • Misses some specifics, suggesting “ideal” matches that may not be what you are looking for
  • Fewer number of users due to pricing and long questionnaire
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OKCupid dating site

Image from OKCupid

An older dating site, OKCupid has been around for a while and has gone through some upgrades that not all users like. OKCupid requires full names and Facebook verification, making it difficult to stay anonymous. It uses a more detailed approach to creating a profile than the Tinder or Bumble dating apps, but it is not as in depth as Match. It is a solid all around choice for those who live in bigger cities, although new signups have decreased significantly with the new changes. This makes it more difficult to match with someone if you live in a smaller city or rural area. 


While not as expensive as Match, OKCupid users will have a better experience by subscribing for at least a month. You can use the site or app for free and still make matches and contact others.


Knocked down by two stars due to the newer upgrades that haven’t been well received, OKCupid still maintains an easy-to-use approach that anyone can work out quickly.


OKCupid has fallen off the radar as many users have moved on to newer and easier dating apps. While you can still find matches on the site, those who live in larger cities will have more options.


While it is still possible to use OKCupid with a free account, paid subscribers have access to features such as saving messages and invisible browsing.


As with the other dating sites and apps, users will experience full access of the app with a paid membership. Paid accounts can unlock features such as QuickMatch to streamline the dating process.


  • Easy to use
  • One of the cheaper options for dating apps
  • Ability to use without a paid subscription


  • New upgrades that many users don’t like
  • Has been passed up for newer dating apps
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To sum it all up, the Bumble dating app has a number of nice options that its competitors do not have. One of its unique features of the app is the comfortable and respectful environment it creates for women. The Bumble dating app offers the ease of use and free access that rivals Tinder, with options to boost your account based on what features you would like to utilize. There is a higher likelihood of making meaningful connections similar to what you would find on Match without the drawn-out questionnaire and steep subscription price. Since it is a fairly new app on the scene, there are more individuals looking for love on the Bumble dating app than there are with older options such as OKCupid and Match. Due to the female-controlled conversations, it appeals to women who are new to the online dating scene but are hesitant about trying Tinder. We like what Bumble offers. Now try it out for yourself!

12 Fun Dating Games

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Are you and your partner stuck in a rut? You get home from work, start cooking dinner and watch the newest episode on your Netflix binge. Then, on the weekends, you clean and prepare for the week ahead. It can be easy to start getting a little too comfortable with your partner and your routines. If that is the case, it is time to spice things up with dating games!

One of the best ways to spice things up and keep the romance alive is by having fun with one another on a regular and consistent basis. Dating games are an amazing way to get to know one another for the first time or even deepen your connection with someone you have been with for decades. It takes the monotony out of your daily routine and brings a little fun to your home. Why not spend a little more time laughing and having fun together?

What Are Dating Games?  

Dating games are any games that you play with your partner. This can be a game specifically related to sex or romance, or it can just be something you do to have a friendly competition. Some games can be played anywhere during times of boredom, such as being stuck in the grocery store line. The other ones are strictly for the bedroom, unless you are into a little PDA. Just don't break any laws.

There are many ways to take dating games and create rules to make them more fun. You can create point systems, and when someone hits a certain number, they must either take a shot or take off a piece of clothing to make things more interesting. Have fun with the suggestions, and make them tailored to you, your partner, and your relationship. Below are 12 fun games that you and your partner can do together in order to spice things up and keep the romance alive!

- 12 Fun Dating Games -

dating game


Stuck in traffic? Waiting in the grocery line? The great thing about playing this dating game is that you can play it anywhere. Either you or your partner begins by thinking of a famous person, a character, an animal or something else. Then, the other person will have 20 questions to guess what the other one is thinking of.


Remember when you were a kid and had staring contests? Well, this dating game goes something like that. You and your partner will stare deeply into each other's eyes for as long as you both can without blinking. You can also play this game anywhere, although, other people watching will either think you are really into each other or really crazy.


You can create a scavenger hunt just for fun or for a special occasion. Leave a note on the door for when your partner gets home with a clue to the next note. Do this as many times as you please to make it more or less difficult for the other person. The final note will lead to you wherever you may be. You could wait in bed with lingerie on, in the bathtub, or anywhere else you want to be found!


This dating game can not only be fun alone but with another couple. The person who begins truth or dare will ask one of the participants, "Truth or Dare". If they choose truth, you can ask them anything and they cannot lie. If they choose dare, they have to do whatever you say. This can be a great way to learn things about your partner, or at the least, get them to do something funny.


2 truths and a lie is a great game for a new couple to play in order to get to know each other. The beginning participant will say three things, one of which is a lie and the other two are true facts about them. The other person then must guess which one is the lie. This dating game is a fun way to get to know one another.


This is another one of the dating games that can be played just about anywhere. You play this in a waiting room, in line, or in your living room. First, one of you will look around the room and choose something. Once you know what you are thinking of, you say, "I spy with my little eye something..." and then give a small clue about the object. The other person will have 3 chances to guess.


While some of the other dating games can be played in most places, you may want to keep this one in your bedroom. There are a few different ways you could turn kissing into a game. Time how long you can kiss, choose places on each other's bodies to kiss, etc. While you're at it, see if you can break the world record for the world's longest kiss. Get creative!


Another bedroom game, Naughty Dice, can be a fun way to spice things up. Grab a piece of paper and create the rules. This can include one die or two. For example, with one die, you could create rules for each number. Roll a 2, you have to kiss your partner on the cheek, roll a 3, you have to kiss the body part of your partner's choosing for 1 minute, and so on. If you have a pair of dice, you could make the first roll an action such as kiss, spank, rub, etc. and the second dice a body part. You make the rules!


Board games are not just for children, they can be fun for adults as well! Have a fun competition with each other on a lazy Sunday night for a change of pace. If you want to spice things up a bit, you can play strip tease board games. You can turn any board game into a striptease game whether it be Scrabble, Monopoly or a good old-fashioned card game! Set rules based on points in the game, levels, etc.


Similarly to board games, you could play video or online games. Whoever loses the round has to take off an article of clothing until both parties are fully naked. On the other hand, you could take a shot for each loss. Make your own rules for this, and have fun with it!


You can play dirty poetry a couple different ways. One way would be to write dirty poems about each other and then read them aloud. If you want to make it a bit more challenging, grab some old magazines and cut out different words. Paste the words to a paper to create a dirty poem for the other person. Cosmopolitan magazine is a great magazine for this game.


Charades is fun to do with other couples. Team with or against your partner, and work with another person to play. Write different movies, songs, etc on pieces of paper and throw them into a bowl. The first teammate will pull out a sheet of paper, then they will act that out. The other person on the team will try to beat the clock to guess what the other person is trying to say with their actions.

What Are the Benefits of Using Dating Games?

dating game benefits

There are quite a few benefits of playing dating games regularly. And really, is there ever anything bad about playing games and having fun? Couples often have a tendency to grow into routines over time and spend less time actually dating each other. It is important to keep the romance alive throughout the relationship to stay together for the long haul.


How many weeknights or weekends do you go through the same routine over and over again? It's okay to have a usual routine, of course, but it can get a little dull. Playing dating games can spice things up and makes your weeks a little more exciting! This is especially true if you are playing the dirty versions.


It can be easy to drift apart or get bored with your partner if you are not actively keeping things interesting. Having fun and laughing with your partner will make you feel closer than ever! Choose a game night each week and stick to it! If you do all 12 games, then you have 3 months worth of fun to be had!


Dating games are a fun way to spend time with someone you have been dating for a long time in order to rekindle the flames. Conversely, they can also be a great way to get to know someone who you have just started dating. There are so many ways to create rules to make things more fun and exciting. If you make it a priority to play one of these dating games with your partner regularly, you have a good chance of having a long, happy relationship together!

10 Best Hookup Apps

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Let’s face it. We live much of our modern lives online, and that holds true whether you are a man or a woman. We make friends online, we connect with our coworkers online, and we learn what’s happening in our communities online as well. For many people, the internet is also where they find a partner for a casual hookup. Although people may argue about the benefits of looking for a partner online, men and women who do not use the best hookups apps may find themselves playing a little game of catch-up. Here we review the ten best hookup apps, leaving you with the best app for finding a mate.

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Product FAQs

It may come as a surprise to some, but there are people in the world who believe that technology is not the solution to all the world’s problems. They like to remember a time where men and women chatted in bars and coffee shops if they wanted to meet potential partners, or maybe those woebegone years where we all went to the library when we had a report to write instead of turning on the computer.

Be that as it may, hookup apps have taken a life of their own, even for people who generally eschew technology. If you are not using one, chances are you are hooking up less than your peers.


​​​​​​​​Ah, that is the million dollar question. What is a hookup app? A hookup app is a utility that can be downloaded onto your mobile device and used to match you with a potential partner. As the name implies, hookup apps are frequently used to arrange encounters of a sensual nature, though there is nothing stopping someone from using a hookup app to establish a different sort of relationship, such as a friendship or other non-sexual relationship. Indeed, some apps are focused on matching people primarily for longer-term relationships not based around sex.


These apps are downloaded onto your mobile device, and once you have input your personal information and picture and completed your profile, you are ready to begin "hooking up," so to speak. Users can apply search criteria to narrow down all the other users on that app and get a better match for a hookup. Other factors like geographic area, age, and occupation can also play a role. Some apps may do all the matching for you based on your profile information; others may allow you to search through a wider range of men and women based on what you are looking for.


Not all hookup apps are alike, which is why we created this top ten list. Some hookup apps are especially designed for people looking for others from similar backgrounds while others may be focused on professionals and high earners. Some apps focus primarily on encounters of a sensual nature, while others might be better characterized as social dating apps. Many apps are paid services; some are free. Men and women who download these apps can use them to arrange a hookup, set up a date, or even meet people and make friends. The choice is theirs.


Hookup Apps are available on most mobile devices, whether you have an Apple iOS device, an Android device, or another type of phone. Most mobile phones with an Internet connection have the capability to download these apps. For those with Android phones, the Google Play service is one way they find the app that best suits their need. People are able to download the app, pay the subscription fee (if there is one), and then use their phone to search for hookup partners and arrange hookups.


All hookup apps are not the same, and that is why we created this list of the ten best hookup apps to help you figure out which one is for you. Every app has its own set of pros and cons. These can involve factors including price, usability, users' satisfaction with the people they meet, the number of people available to meet on the app, and even whether the app fulfills its stated purpose at all. Even leaving aside user variables like price, speed, and satisfaction, the best hookup apps may differ in terms of target audience and purpose.

best hookup apps

How We Reviewed

The reality is that there are many hookup apps out there. Even creating a list of the ten best hookup apps is not the easiest thing to do considering how many there are. Here, we first described each of the ten apps on the list and then we listed pros and cons based on common things people care about like price, target group, ease of use, and satisfaction. Then, after reviewing each of the top ten best hookup apps, we reached a verdict on the best app based on the measures that we used to evaluate them.

Overall Price Range

There are many free hookup apps out there, while others come with a regular subscription fee, just like many other apps available for download on your phone.

What We Reviewed

  • W-Match Chat & Dating App
  • Zoosk Dating App
  • Match Dating App for Singles
  • Skout - Meet, Chat, Friend
  • DateMyAge: Dating for Mature Singles
  • USA Dating Mobile
  • Flirt Chat
  • CasualX
  • Butter
  • Wild

W-Match Chat & Dating App

W-Match Chat & Dating App


W-Match is a popular chat and dating app that is available on most mobile devices, including Android phones and tablets. Like many similar apps, W-Match uses GPS to locate nearby users and has in-app purchasing. The application itself is free to download and is available in many languages, allowing users from all over the world and with different native tongues to derive full benefit from the app. This app also features a Facebook login option.


  • W-Match is free
  • W-Match is available in a wide variety of languages


  • Still making a name for itself compared to some other apps

Zoosk Dating App

Zoosk Dating App


Zoosk is one of the more popular dating apps, and it features many of the standard characteristics of other dating apps. These include pictures, post liking, and GPS. Zoosk is a paid service that offers several different options requiring payment, such as coins that increase user visibility and the monthly subscription option. Users benefit from the large number of potential partners using this app, but some may end up spending more than they intended in the long run.


  • Many active users
  • Uses GPS


  • Monthly subscription option is costly at $30 per month

Match Dating App for Singles

Match Dating App for Singles


Match Dating App For Singles is among the most popular dating apps, and it is not difficult to see why. Although many users use the traditional web-based version, there is an app that serves as a good companion or on its own. It features most of the traditional things that come with dating apps like GPS and messaging. Many users opt for this app as it is considered by some to be more traditional, and Match Dating is often used more for meeting people rather than a hookup alone.


  • Free trial period
  • Mid-range price of $20 per month


  • Often used to make friends or companions instead of enabling only casual hookups

Skout - Meet, Chat, Friend

Skout - Meet, Chat, Friend


Skout is a very popular dating app that uses GPS to help singles find potential hookups, making this app even more popular than some more well-known apps like Tinder. The hunting analogy implied in the app's name is apt when it comes to some hookup apps. If you’re looking for someone to hook up with, it certainly helps to find someone who is actually nearby, rather than across a gorge, river, or moor and totally inaccessible. Skout has a messenger utility and can be used for hooking up, finding friends, or discovering longer-term companions.


  • Many users of this popular service
  • Can be used for many types of relationships


  • Too many users may equal too many nets trying to catch an unsuspecting fish

DateMyAge: Dating for Mature Singles

DateMyAge Dating for Mature Singles


Like fine wines, we all get better with age, so it only makes sense that there should be an app catering to the more valuable vintages of people. This app features most of the features that the other best hookup apps do, but this one is designed for women and men aged 40 and up. It has a large membership, and messages can be sent both online and offline. At $10 a month, it is affordable. It can be used to find a partner compatible with you and to your needs or a date just to keep you warm tonight.


  • Targeted toward a group of like-minded individuals
  • Affordable


  • Not designed for men and women seeking younger partners

USA Dating Mobile

best hookup apps


With over 30 million users, USA Dating gives you many available singles to choose from. Profiles can be browsed for free, although there is a membership fee to connect. You can chat and use your webcam on this app. This app does seem to be more on the pure hookup side of the spectrum than some of the older apps, and this app is considered mature-friendly as well.


  • Browse profiles for free
  • Mature-friendly


  • Your standard feature dating app, plus webcams

Flirt Chat

Flirt Chat


There are many advantages to the Flirt Chat dating app, a mobile version of the website of a similar name which is focused on chatting with available singles. This app does meet the needs of those searching for the best hookup apps. It also creates a platform for those interested in being part of a fun and flirty back-and-forth exchange. Users can use this app in conjunction with the website or as a stand-alone product.


  • Chatting can lead to a hookup
  • Free chat rooms


  • "Teases" may potentially run rampant here


casual x


Since you’re reading about the ten best hookup apps, that might mean you are not looking for Ms. Right or Mr. Right, but Ms. Right Now. You may want a hookup not with someone to celebrate your diamond wedding anniversary, but for something more intimate. Casual X is marketed for those exclusively looking for sensual partners, not those saying they want a sensual partner when they really want a ring, marriage and the like. You can create a profile, add photos, and get a match based on age and geographic location.


  • The most "hookup-iest" of the best hookup apps


  • Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am or sir?




Butter is a very popular app that users can use to make friends, get likes on their posts, and be social. It has a chat feature and is probably best described as a chat and social app. More focused on the social side of things, this app can be used to find a partner or just make friends.


  • Millions of active users
  • Great chat functionality


  • Primarily a friendly social app




Of the top ten best hookup apps, Wild is coming in towards the head of the pack, primarily because it allows users to maintain some measure of anonymity. Can we truly be anonymous in this day and age? Well, that’s actually a good question, but Wild allows individuals to conceal their identity. Users only have to be able to verify what they look like, and I think we can all figure out why that’s important in a hookup app.


  • Focused on privacy, a rare commodity among the best hookup apps
  • Profiles can be set to invisible


  • Is anyone really anonymous?

The Verdict

With so many hookup apps to choose from, how does one pick the right one? Well, just as not all hookups are created equal, not all apps are created equal either. While there are many great apps to choose from, some with users in the tens of millions and others which give users the option of the type of match they want, if you’re looking for a hookup, you’re best bets would be Casual X and Wild. While Wild benefits from a catchy name, good marketing, and lots of fans, there is a lot to be said for an app that makes it clear that it’s just for hookups. It was a close race, but of the best hookup apps, Casual X is the very best one for you to find your match tonight.

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