The Best Free Dating Sites For You

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Online dating is becoming more popular, and this has seen the rise of best free dating sites. These sites allow you to explore the digital dating world which is different for meeting someone in person.

Back then, online dating sites did not provide a worthwhile dating experience, or they were too sketchy that put your identity at risk. However, all this has changed, and there are plenty of sites to find like-minded people.

With plenty of options to choose from, it can be daunting to know which site is legitimate. Here’s a detailed guide on the best free dating sites and advice on what to look for when evaluating a dating site.

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How We Chose Our Rating

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To help you pick the best free dating site, we looked at multiple online reviews. We also classified these sites based on the members subscribed. Another feature that we evaluated was the navigation system and the sign-up process.

Why Should You Consider Online Dating?

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Best online dating sites comes with a lot of perks. Here are some reasons to give online dating a try.

Easy to Meet New People

Meeting new people for the first time can be intimidating. Apart from figuring out what to say, you have to deal with the uncertainty of approaching someone who may reject you. However, online dating makes it easier
to meet new people in your area.

Also, you’re sure that they are out there looking for someone. Online dating makes the process of meeting new people less nerve-wrecking compared to a blind date set up.

You Get to Save Time

With our busy schedules and fast lane life, it can be challenging to find time to go out and meet new people. When you sign up on an online dating site, you get to meet people at your convenience. You can reply to
messages and browse around on your free time.

​Save Money

Going for a speed dating event or a singles dinner will cost anywhere from $50 to $150 a night. The possibility of not meeting anyone you connect with are high, and you may end up losing that money.

With online dating, you don’t have to spend money on expensive drinks or costly speed dating events. You can save money with the best free dating sites. Also, some paid sites have free trial periods which you can try
before you sign up.

​A Chance to Meet Like Minded People

Gone are the days where you’d have to go out with someone for several dates to determine if you have a connection. The best free dating sites gives a good idea of whether someone shares your same interests before meeting them.

Also, you have the chance to express what you are looking for and your personality.

Best Free Dating Sites of 2019

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Here are some best free dating sites to check out in 2019.


eharmony logo

The website by clinical psychologist Dr. Neil Clark Warren is responsible for 4% of U.S. marriages. eHarmony uses the 29 dimensions of compatibility test which tests for character, family and values, emotional skills, and personality.

You won’t have to part with any coin to join the site. All you need is to fill out your information, take a questionnaire, and view compatible matches.

Plenty of Fish

pof logo

POF or plenty of fish is one of the leading online dating sites with over 40  million users. Although the site has a full free package, it has some premium package options that allow you to know when someone reads your messages.

The site has a design that allows you to find people for long-term relationships or find someone with no-strings-attached. Unlike other sites that operate on an undisclosed matching algorithm, Plenty of Fish operates based on search.

You can search the entire database and dictate the number of members you see in an hour day, or a week. Also, you can express your personality in detail or keep it short.

The best part about Plenty of Fish is that there are usable questionnaires that give you an idea of your compatibility skills and personality. Something that is beneficial regardless of the best free dating sites you use.

Plenty of Fish has been able to enhance user experience. Statistics estimate that it’s one of the fourth most visited dating sites all over the world.



SpeedDate has different communication channels that include video chat, audio, and text which help you get a connection in no time.

You’re sure of a fast response since the site has over 9 million users. Although the site is completely free to join, you’ll need to pay you to send and receive unlimited messages.

​Christian Mingle

​Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle is one of the best free dating sites that helps Christian singles interact and make a connection. The easy to use interface is a major plus as it makes navigation less complicated.

Also, their targeted user base means that you don’t have to interact with people who do not match your beliefs. Moreover, you don’t need to enter your credit card information when you register, browse, and access different communication channels.


zoosk logo

Zoosk is one of the best free dating sites that allow you to access live video and voice speed sessions through your PC and webcam.

Employees at Zoosk spend their time in charity giving even though the site is all about getting people to interact. You’ll love the easy to use interface and the carousel feature that allows for quick browsing.

Zoosk uses behavioral matchmaking algorithm which gives you more accurate matches than a search based algorithm. One of the best perks that come with being a Zoosk user is that you get to access verified profiles.

The site verifies every profile via a phone number, social media account, or the photos uploaded. One of the downsides is that the strong member retention efforts can make it hard to close your online account.

Book of Matches

Book of Matches

Book of Matches is entirely free and a great way to meet local singles. You’ll only need to create your profile in 30 seconds and browse through the database of singles.

The site allows you to block people who are not of interest. Book of Matches makes it easy to chat online, seek a serious long-term relationship, or find a hookup online.

BOM keeps your identity safe and bridges the gap between self-expression and open chatting for singles willing to hook up. Another free benefit is that you get a customizable video chatroom and a personal blog that people in your favorite list can view.



TasteBuds is not your ordinary online dating site as it allows you to meet people who share your music taste. With a user base of over 200,000 members, TasteBuds is one of the
favorite best free dating sites for music lovers.

You’ll find this site resourceful if you play an instrument or you regularly attend concerts. Although the website is smaller unlike to other dating sites, it’s one of the best sites to find like-minded people.



Date Hookup is popular with college students and younger singles. Also, the site doesn’t give you an option of determining your desired kind of relationship. You won’t find Date Hookup a great idea if you’re looking for a long-term relationship.

Furthermore, you can upload as many profile photos as you like. The users are more  interested in your looks than what you have to say. However, you can find lots of useful features like an online dating chat room, varied users, detailed search parameters, and plenty of mobile apps.


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​ uses a questionnaire which allows the site to determine your compatibility with another user. After the assessment, you’ll be in a category that could be the director, builder, negotiator, or explorer.

With over 11 million users, the site is an excellent place to find your perfect match.

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​Mate 1


Mate 1 has thousands of singles who are looking for an online connection. One of the best things about Mate 1 is the unlimited two-way chatting. Also, you can personalize a voice greeting to someone of interest.

What’s more, the simple to use interface allows you to have conversations with as many people as you like. Their internal mail account enables you to talk to someone in private.

You’ll love the fact that you can upload photos to your private gallery if you do not like them in the public gallery. Also, you can find people from all walks of life as the site respects diversity.

Mate 1 has over 30 million users and gets thousands of singles a day. It’s no wonder it’s one of the fifth best free dating sites in the world.

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Free and Single

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Free and single has been in existence for over ten years. The site has a free option, and you can choose to upgrade to their premium membership package. The premium package has niche sites that allow you to connect with someone who’s piqued your interest.  

Online Dating User Guide

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When meeting someone for the first time, it’s tricky to know what to say, how to act, or even what to wear. But with the best free dating sites, you don’t have to go through a nerve-wracking session. With a few pointers, you can be on your way to make a connection online.

Here’s an online dating guide to help you meet a potential partner.

Choose the best dating Sites

With over 5,000 online dating site, the Cyber Sea of love can be hard to navigate. Before settling on any site, check to see if it’s reputable. The number of members subscribed is a good indication. You can also read reviews of the different sites to find one that works for you.

There are free and paid dating sites. While there’s a likelihood of making a sincere connection on free sites, paid sites have more committed members who are serious about finding a relationship.

Most of these sites ask you for personal details which are private. You need to protect your privacy online in as much as you’re looking for a connection. Check to see if the site has privacy settings on your profile. Read their privacy policy to find out how the site shares your personal information with other members.

​Creating an Enticing Profile

When creating your profile for a dating site, you need to determine how much personal information you put out there for everyone. Choose your photos wisely as they could contain information that could put you at risk.

Remember to create a unique username that you don’t use on other online accounts. Use a different email account to set up your dating account. Selfies are suitable as it’s difficult for someone to do a reverse image search and locate you elsewhere.

​Be Safe When Communicating

The excitement of finding someone new can make you rush to give out your email address or phone number. However, you need to take time to know more about someone.

Keep communication to potential partners limited to the site, this way you can report any abusive or offensive behavior. Be cautious if you need to get on a call.

You can create a Google Voice account which generates a different phone number and forwards it to your phone. In case things don’t work out with the other person, they won’t have your real phone number. 

Remember that you might not get messages right away. Do not give up. Go through the profiles with most views and get some tips on what you can exchange.

​Take Advantage of the Convenience

The best free dating sites allows you to meet a variety of people all at once. While this may seem strange at first, but it’s one of the best ways to find out if there’s a connection. You’ll want to see who’s out there if you’re paying
for these sites.

Online dating is an easy way to meet people and make a connection. You no longer have to go to that costly speed dating event or singles dinner. All you need is to create your profile on some of the best free dating sites and browse to get your perfect match.

Remember to be careful and do not be discouraged if things don’t go as you expected. Online dating is a combination of socializing, dating, and business. Give yourself time, and you might be lucky to hit the jackpot. Be careful of online scams and go through the safety advice offered.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend According To Women?

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​Women may say that they are simple and straightforward about what they want in a relationship. However, some things a guy is just going to have to know without asking, regarding being a good boyfriend.

Similar to men, women will secretly test the guy they are dating to see if they are indeed quality boyfriend material. It is essential that men pay attention to body language and other unspoken cues.

Avoid the corny and overused pick up lines that will make her cringe, and put the information in this article to good use. If you want to know how to be a good boyfriend, you have to go beyond the expected qualities that you should possess.

  • ​You should be a good listener and conversationalist
  • ​You should know how to make her laugh, surprise her, and be in touch with intuition
  • ​It is better to be a good boyfriend than strive to be a perfect boyfriend

​Honestly, when it comes to learning how to be a good boyfriend, men need to realize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every woman and relationship is different,  and there are specific nuances that can make things work out smoothly.

It is better than men learn about essential things that they should be doing more or less of, and naturally integrating into their dating behaviors.

Valuing Friendship As A Foundation

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​When it comes to being a boyfriend, too often, people forget that you have to be a friend first. Men should enjoy connecting to their date over shared likes and dislikes, give breathing room when needed,
and not try too hard.

Also, to be a good boyfriend, it is essential to respect the friends that a girlfriend always has.  Yes, men may not always get along perfectly with a girlfriend's friends. However, men must realize that a woman will trust
and consider her longtime friend's opinions about you and the relationship, so play nice.

To learn how to be a good boyfriend, it is essential to learn how to deal with a girlfriend's friends if there are
problems. Namely, a girlfriend's friends may love talking crap about the love interest, go out of their way to cause problems out of jealousy or pathology, or are secretly into stealing sloppy seconds.

Learning how to navigate difficult friends of a girlfriend, without alienating anyone, being too rude, or making things uncomfortable is a necessary skill. Give a girlfriend and her friends some space. Avoid trash talking bad friends or being overly clingy to keep a girlfriend all to yourself, and stay consistent and awesome.

If a guy wants to keep a long term relationship with a lady, chances are most of a girlfriend's friends aren't
going away anytime soon.

​Listening Skills Still Rate

Men get a bad rep for not being active listeners or paying enough attention to what women are saying. Why not change this? When having a conversation, or a girlfriend just wants to share about what happened that day, or talk about something valuable, pay attention.

Make sure to be genuinely listening patiently and respectfully, because a woman might quiz a guy later about that time she was talking about something to see if you were listening, or playing pretend.
Men won't have to know all the juicy details, but at least be aware of the gist of what was said and why it was important.

According to an article in the Daily Mail, it turns out both men and women have listening problems.
Men can listen to their friends for fifteen minutes easily but may tune a girlfriend out after a mere six minutes. Women are also apt to listen and focus to their friends more than their boyfriends or significant other.

Despite this tidbit of info, making an effort to listen to a girlfriend is critical for relationship success.

In addition to being a good listener and paying attention, it pays for a boyfriend to have a good reaction time to words or events. If a guy is more aware and understands his girlfriend's unique needs and personality, he will be able to choose a better action to remedy something. Basically, don't offer a girlfriend a cliched solution, because it may prove you weren't listening when it mattered most.

Getting to learn more about what your girlfriend likes, dislikes, or daydreams about can help when selecting a romantic gift to show you are paying attention and care.

​​​Let Her Win An Argument

Man Woman Arguing

When dating, arguments will inevitably happen. However, how a guy handles and argument will either help or halt a relationship.

It might not be fun to lose an argument, or a guy might really make some good points that deserve being recognized. Let's face it, it when it comes to greasing the wheels of a relationship, it is better for a guy to give in and let his girlfriend win most arguments without protest.

There are certain types of arguments that a guy will never win. Even if a guy is right, he will lose, because winning an argument causes sore losers and may encourage irritating bragging rights.

If a girlfriend has a bad mood, let her blow off the steam. It is best to avoid fighting via texting or emails, and they have to be followed up with a real-life conversation for closure's sake.  Also, arguing for the sake of arguing, doing something competitive, or if a guy is unsure about how right they are is not worth it.

Most likely, arguments will lead to people sleeping alone, harboring resentment, and tiptoeing around who will be the bigger person first. Guys should learn some humility and not be pushy to win an argument all
the time, unless they like being single, or are being trodden upon in a relationship constantly.

Don't forget, in addition to letting a woman win an argument; it is helpful if a guy admits he overreacted, was wrong, or tries to patch things up.

Conversation And Connection

​To make a genuine and long-lasting connection with a girlfriend, it is critical that a guy understand the importance of good conversation. Learning to be in the present moment and focused during a
conversation is important, as a girlfriend will realize if a guy isn't making an effort.

Dating is a way to test out what is desired in a partner with the possibility of marriage, or even having kids in the future. It's no fun struggling to have a conversation with someone, who you were only talking to because they had a fetching appearance, and not much else going on.

During a conversation, connect to a girlfriend by touching her shoulder, looking into her eyes, or holding her hand. Make it a point to say "I love you," if the relationship has been going on seriously for a significant enough time.

In the early stages of a relationship, and throughout dating a woman, it is important for a guy to show and verbally tell his lady that he appreciates her. A good boyfriend gives compliments to their girlfriend, lets her know she is beautiful and showers her with affection.

Build a meaningful connection by making dinner plans, or take an impromptu getaway for the weekend when she has time off.

Also, do not forget the power and importance of laughter for health, connection, and sharing in a feel-good moment. Enjoy some stand-up comedy, watch funny films, and be able to laugh at each other to feel comfortable being yourself. It's no fun putting on airs and being stuffy and uptight all the time out of fear.

​​Those Little Things

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Despite progress in society regarding gender roles, women are still often expected to take care of cooking, cleaning, and still manage to keep a job and look lovely all the time despite exhaustion.

One unspoken thing that will make you great boyfriend material and a potential future spouse is to do the following things, especially if co-habitating with a girlfriend.

  • ​Men should do the dishes without being asked, or offer to wash dishes
    after a meal
  • ​A guy should be able to create an amazing dish or two and surprise his
    girlfriend with an at-home date
  • ​Cleaning up around the apartment is a huge plus, it's better not wait
    for things to get bad

​If a guy is willing to do little things to make life a little easier, shows some thoughtfulness for his girlfriend's time and energy, he is more likely to melt her heart faster than with a bouquet of flowers.

Beyond the issues that many ladies complain about regarding men not washing dishes or cleaning, it important to keep up appearances with grooming, dressing well, and being a gentleman.

Yes, both men and women have their moments when they will dress down and let everything hang out, but it is best to try to spruce up and stay groomed more times than not. Take time learning a girlfriend's quirks and preferences, develop relationship skills, and enjoy the good moments between the ups and downs of life.

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