2 Ways To Inject More

How To Flirt With A Guy: 20 Things To Do To Show You’re Interested

All humans flirt. From the time we are born, we are natural flirters. It is common to see babies flirting with complete strangers simply because the child finds them pleasant to look at and to be around. Although you may have been an absolute natural at flirting as a child, do you feel completely lost on how to... 

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The First Date

17 Best Pick-Up Lines To Try Online

Despite attempts to create algorithms permitting otherwise, online dating is hard - but it's a lot harder if you can't even get people to talk to you. Here are some of the best pick up lines we've found.​How we Picked Our Lines Insert Image Before we get to the list of best pick up lines, however, we'd like... 

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A Perfect Relationship

3 Tips For A Perfect Relationship

After a certain point in their lives, most women are wise enough to realize that the perfect Hollywood-movie style relationship doesn’t exist in real life. Yes, it would be great if every relationship was completely free of trust issues, and it would be fantastic if you just never fought with your man. Wake... 

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Ancient Date Ideas

3 Ancient Date Ideas You Can Use In The Modern World

Are you tired of rehashing the same old dating ideas? Do you want to try something different, something creative, fun and full of laughter? If so, all you have to do is revisit the ancient world. Today, we’re fascinated with technology, theaters, fancy restaurants and loud bars. However, something... 

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Date Ideas That Won't Cost

Best First Date Ideas: Ultimate Guide

Image source: PixabayWe have all been there before. We see someone we like and muster up the courage to ask them out, but suddenly get struck with the pressure of choosing a great first date location. We start running through ideas, wondering what our date may enjoy, go to friends for their best first... 

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Relationship - Tune Up

Does Your Relationship Need A Tune Up?

Is your relationship creaking along, with neither you nor your partner being satisfied? Does your relationship need a tune up? If you’re unsure of the answer, that may signal you need to rethink how your relationship works. However, here are a few signs that your relationship... 

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A Great Date

How To Have A Great Date Without The Expense

One very real barrier to a lot of people when it comes to their social lives is their wallet. A flash date can cost hundreds of dollars, and many people just don’t have that kind of money to play around with. But the good news is you can have a great date without all that expense. The... 

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Ruin Her Birthday

How To Ruin Her Birthday

Women usually have a knack for remembering dates, such as anniversaries, special occasions and birthdays. Men on the other hand…don’t. There might be a man that has God-like memory powers, but they are rare. If you want to sleep on the couch in the near future, just ruin her birthday. Here are the quickest... 

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See Your True Partner

How To See Your True Partner How To See Your True Partner

Most people keep their true selves hidden, especially when they want to impress someone. This fact has a way of biting people in the butts when dating. You meet a guy or girl, both are looking for a relationship, and it’s only natural that you want to show off your polished attributes while hiding your more tarnished side. After all, when you’re first meeting a possible romantic partner, you don’t want them to know that you roll your socks up into balls, or leave the toilet seat up after you’ve gone to the bathroom. However, some people are better at hiding their true selves than others. Sometimes you can be in a committed... [Read more of this review]

Mess Up Any Date

One Surefire Way To Mess Up Any Date One Surefire Way To Mess Up Any Date

You’ve been out on a few dates recently, but none of them seem to be working out. You don’t seem to have a problem actually getting the date, but somehow the second date never comes. What are you doing wrong? Are you breaking some kind of dating rule? Probably. You’re probably breaking the biggest date rule of them all: learn how to communicate. Learning how to communicate effectively is the single best way of getting asked out on a second date. Communicating badly, which can be done in several different ways, is a surefire way to mess up any date, regardless of how much thought and effort you’ve put into trying to make... [Read more of this review]

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