Winning The ‘Dating Game’ Every Time

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Plans are laid, your mouth is dry, and somehow you just can’t stop your hands from shaking. You’re supposed to be picking your date up in an hour, yet your hair won’t do what you want, your palms are sweaty and nervous energy surrounds your body like a cocoon.

Dating is like a game, the more you do it, the better you get. Some people have natural talent when it comes to dating, and some people have to try, try and try again. But like a game, you have a much better chance of winning if you keep in mind the rules of play.

Look Your Best

Looks aren’t everything, but good hygiene, neat appearance and a pleasant body odor can come in handy when playing the dating game. Take some time to put yourself together. Your date will appreciate the effort, and it shows that you care about your appearance.

Confidence is a Man’s or Woman’s Best Friend

To win the dating game every time, confidence is required. Confidence is sexy. Both men and women are attracted to it, so it’s important that you gain some. This doesn’t mean you should be cocky, egotistical or jerky. It just means you should seem like you’re confident being you, and all that entails.

Stimulating Conversation

You’ll gain some extra points in the dating game if you can make your date laugh, talk and enjoy themselves through conversation. If you can keep your date interested, the second date is just around the corner. Pull out some of your amusing or funny stories, and ask your date some questions, without getting too personal. Don’t talk about yourself too much either. Instead, just try to go with the flow, and keep the conversation as natural and free flowing as possible, without any awkward silences.


Smiling alone can help you win a second date. Smiling is attractive, and puts people at ease. Try to smile as often as possible, without seeming like a grinning lunatic.


Use your manners and be polite. Nothing is as big a turn off as someone who is rude and obnoxious. If you want to woo your date then it’s in your best interests to be as polite as possible, whenever possible.

By playing by the rules, you too can win the dating game every time and earn yourself a second, third or fourth date.

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