How to Ask a Girl Out: 15 Cute Ideas

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Every time you see her, you never want it to end. Maybe you haven’t asked the girl of your dreams out yet or maybe you want to take it to the next level and ask her to be your girlfriend and you just don’t know how to ask a girl out in a clever way. Whatever you’d like to ask, you’ll want to make it cute and memorable. We’re here to help you decide how to ask a girl out to get you a yes.

Read on and win the girl!

What Is How to Ask a Girl Out: 15 Cute Ideas

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Everyone needs a little help now and then. When you’re faced with the girl you want to ask out or to be your girlfriend, you want to make it special. Girls love ideas that will make her blush—in a good way—so you’ve got to decide how to ask a girl out in the cutest way possible.

Is There a Need for Cute Ideas on How to Ask a Girl Out?

Your girl has probably been asked out before. Chances are, they all sounded similar. You want to stand out and make her feel like the most important thing in the world to you. Girls love cute ideas and the guys gutsy enough to go for it.

When figuring out how to ask a girl out, we made it easy so you can move quickly. Postpone too long and you risk losing out to some other guy that just didn’t wait as long. Take your chance but don’t take your time. Give her something to talk about and think about. If you do the cute idea right, she’ll jump at the chance to say yes.

1. Message in a Bottle

Whether it’s in a pool, a bathtub or just washed up to shore on a beach date, a cute handwritten message in a bottle is sure to wow her. Make the message personal to her. Plus, she can keep both the bottle and the note forever if she’s the sentimental type.

2. Sports Jersey

If you both share a love of a certain team why not put #1 girlfriend on a jersey or t-shirt of your favorite team as a clever way of asking her to commit to you? If you’re asking her out for the first time, you can change the title to #1 date—how cute is that? She can wear it with pride on every game day and tell everyone the story of how you asked.

3. Sweet Treats

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If baking isn’t your second nature, we’re confident you can still pull this one off. Find a great recipe for something sweet online: a large cookie, a cake or cupcakes. Then get frosting gel or frosting in a tube and spell out what you’d like to ask her. The path to a girl’s heart is sometimes through her sweet tooth.

4. Call Her—Like on the Phone

Texting is the way we communicate, but it’s overdone and not personal. Click her name and let the phone ring. She’ll love hearing your voice and you get to show courage in not just typing it all out and waiting. Let her hear you fumble on your words, it’s ok, and it’s awfully cute. She’ll be blushing on the other end and may just interrupt you to say yes.

5. Bartender or Barista

Enlist the help of an employee at a place you go together. When she gets her beverage, have them slip her a note from you. It’s super thoughtful and shows you put some forethought into it. The note can be something you both look back on with fond memories. Extra points if you have them form a heart in the foam of her latte.

6. Deliver Some Pizza Love

Call in a pizza order in private. Ask them to write your message on the inside of the pizza box. Sure, there’s a chance they’ll get the message asking her to be your girlfriend wrong, but that will be hilarious and even cuter. Who can say no over pizza? Especially if you pop in her favorite movie while you eat.

7. Instagram Her

Posting a picture of the two of you with a big public, heartfelt compliment about her will send the warm and fuzzies over the social media air waves straight to her. You’ve also made her feel great in front of both her and your friends. That’s sure to make her feel super special and definitely get a yes for the big question you want to ask.

8. Say Anything

First, watch the movie Say Anything if you haven’t seen it. Find the scene where the guy holds up a radio playing a super romantic song towards the bedroom of the girl he loves. Use a bluetooth speaker, her favorite song and mimic the movie. She will swoon, we promise. It doesn’t get cuter than this.

9. Make It about Her

What really lights her up? What do her friends tell you are her favorite things? Find out what’s special to her and ask her on a date that includes whatever that is. Let her know you want her to have the best time and that being with her is your good time. She will squeal inside and is sure to yes to someone so thoughtful.

This date doesn’t have to be fancy. In fact, the most important things to her might cost nothing. Give her all your attention on the date. Put your phone away and be present with her. Super cute and one of the best answers to how to ask a girl out.

10. Say It with Balloons

Get her a ginormous bouquet of balloons. Write a letter or word on each balloon spelling out how you want to ask her out. Mix them up and leave them somewhere for her to find. Attach a note to one balloon telling her it’s a riddle and, once she figures it out, to call you with her answer.

She’ll be so excited to solve the riddle and once she does, she’ll be floored. Trust us, she’ll jump at the chance to say yes.

11. Pick a Special Day

This will blow her away. Pick her birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Eve or something similar and ask her out for that day. She may already have plans so pick a time when she isn’t booked. Breakfast on Christmas Eve is super cute and romantic. Bring a little gift and a bouquet of candy canes. Whatever special day you choose it will be a memorable and cute anniversary for you to celebrate.

Here are other ideas for special days:

  • New Year’s Day- bring her some aspirin and Smart Water to cure a hangover or cute pieces of paper to write her wishes for the new year
  • Easter- bring a little Easter basket of her favorite candy
  • 4th of July- a bouquet of red, white and blue flowers with some sparklers- so cute
  • Halloween- a little pumpkin with her name painted on it
  • Thanksgiving- a handwritten card about why you’re thankful for her 

12. Don’t Use a Pen

You can write a message in the snow, sand or with rocks in a driveway. This shows you’re more creative than other guys and will put a little time in to get your point across. Extra points for adding flowers or rose petals to your handiwork. She’ll snap a picture just after she says yes.

13. Create a Romantic Oasis

If you’ve got a patio, balcony, porch or even a small kitchen, you’ve got the perfect place to surprise her with a private magical atmosphere. Add candles, flowers, little fairy lights, music and her favorite drink and food. She’ll know you did it all for her to set the stage for asking her out. She’ll feel so special and she’ll tie that feeling to you.

14. Make a Card

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It’s easy to buy a card but making a card for her will put it over the top. Find some quality paper and use your best handwriting. Write from the heart and tell her why you want to make things official. Tell her all her best qualities and how she makes you better when she’s around. She’ll know you’re a keeper.

15. Give Her a Dart and a Map

Put a map on the wall—you decide the radius—and have her throw a dart. Where ever the dart lands is where you’ll take her, once she says yes. Keep the radius small if it’s a first date and expand it if you’re asking her to make it official.

Extra points if you make your own map with things you know she’d like to do drawn or written on it. There may not be a cuter idea known to man. She’ll love it and it’ll stack the odds in your favor.


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There are many clever routes here on how to ask a girl out. Pick any of these and she’ll want to go anywhere with you. These ideas show her you’ve given it some thought and that you don’t shy away from cute ideas.

If you’re crushing hard on her or you’re already dating but want to commit on a deeper level, one cute gesture can set it in stone for the two of you and lead you to your happily ever after.

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