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We have all been there before. We see someone we like and muster up the courage to ask them out, but suddenly get struck with the pressure of choosing a great first date location. We start running through ideas, wondering what our date may enjoy, go to friends for their best first date ideas, and more. Yet, we always end up crossing our fingers and just hope our date enjoys our pick.

While we cannot help our readers with their pre-date nerves, we can help with the stress of choosing the location for the best first date you have had in a long time. In this article, we have a few recommendations that are sure to be a hit when planning a first date with someone you want to get to know better.

FAQ About Best First Date Ideas

Some of us have been in the dating game for a while and think we have it down, but we still make mistakes along the way and need a little guidance. Our remaining readers may be new to the dating scene and looking for a little confidence boost when deciding on best first date ideas. Here are a few frequently asked questions we typically receive about first dates.






How We Reviewed These Best First-Date Ideas

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We researched hundreds of unique first date ideas to find the top five we suggest you try. The goal in finding these was to create a list of fun, casual first dates where you are not just going to a movie to watch a screen or surrounding by a group of people with no chance to talk to one another. The purpose of a first date is to get to know the person you are with. As such, we picked five dates most conducive to discussion, comfort, and really getting to know who this person you are on a date is - what they like, what they dislike, what their personality is, how they interact with others, and more.

Overall Price Range

Most of the ideas we came up with are free or low-cost. Our trampoline park suggestion was the most expensive and ranged anywhere from $ to $$ per person, but the fun will be endless with that one. Overall, these best first date ideas allow the person planning the date to have control over his or her price point, taking away the stress of overpaying for a first date.

Ideas We Loved

  • Go to One of Her Favorite Places, Then Go to One of Yours
  • Have a Game Night
  • Go to a Trampoline Park
  • Bookstore or Library Browsing
  • Volunteer Together

Go to One of Their Favorite Places, Then Go to One of Yours

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The options are endless with this best first date idea. It may sound overwhelming to decide what to do, but it really is not. Just choose one place you would love to take her and let her choose one place she would love to go to get to know you. This idea will show both of you a lot about the other - what you enjoy, your preferences, personalities, friends and more!

The great thing about this option is you can tailor your activities to your budget. If you are looking to go all out, she can suggest a fancy restaurant and you can suggest a ball game afterward. Keep in mind the need for outfit changes with this one. You may be comfortable going to a fancy restaurant in the same outfit as you would a ball game, but she may not be. Make sure you plan this with her.


  • Personalized date
  • Know your date will enjoy the plans
  • Get to see what you both enjoy doing


  • You may not like your date’s idea - but this will tell you a lot about whether the relationship will work
  • May be expensive
  • Could be awkward for couples who just met

Price Range

The price range for this date idea is adjustable. Whether you want to go on an extravagant date with all the bells and whistles or just keep it simple, this is a perfect fit. You can discover some of the best first date ideas just by talking to your date about what their favorite hobbies are and what they enjoy doing. Then do a quick Internet search and find your best options.

Have a Game Night

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This best first date idea is casual, fun, and encourages playful conversation (or your most competitive sides, depending on your personalities)! We love the idea of choosing a local coffee shop, park, or outdoor area for this date. Being in a public place with stuff going on around you will make the date more enjoyable and provide more to talk about.


  • Memorable date
  • Choose a comfort location you both like
  • Fun 
  • Encourages laughter
  • Everyday activity gives insight into what life could be like together


  • Location could be distracting
  • Your date may not enjoy playing games

Price Range

You can also adjust this date idea to your budget. If you want to do something memorable, but cannot afford to spend money, go to a park and bring some iced tea or hot cocoa from home. If you would like more people around to encourage conversation, a coffee shop may be an excellent idea and your outing will only be the price of two drinks.

Go to a Trampoline Park

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If you are looking to channel your inner child, visiting a trampoline park is a great choice. Some of the best date ideas are ones that may sound a little wild, but who would not remember bouncing around on a trampoline while having a good laugh. Plus, experiencing adrenaline and happiness will make your date like you and connect with you more. Who would not want that?

We recommend this best first date idea for our young and young-at-heart couples. We also suggest you not spring this activity on your date, but rather ask beforehand if they would want to do something fun like go to a trampoline park together.


  • Hours of fun
  • Lighthearted and entertaining
  • Get to see your date's personality


  • Possibility of injury
  • Your date may feel uncomfortable


Different trampoline parks have different prices. They tend to range anywhere from $ to $$ per person, depending on the location and how much time you want to jump for. Most locations offered a one-hour pass but allow you to purchase additional time.

Bookstore or Library Browsing

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For our literary lovers, visiting a bookstore or library is one of the best date ideas we could think of! You can truly get to know someone based on what they enjoy reading and searching through the books is sure to stir up an interesting conversation.

This date idea is perfect for anyone at any age. Your interests will change over time and so will your date's. Plus, if you both enjoy reading, you can suggest books to each other and enjoy learning from each other and these book-related dates. If you are skeptical about how this idea would work on a first date, try it! You will be surprised by how easily conversation will flow.  


  • Encourages great conversation
  • Discuss similar and different interests
  • Learn about your date’s opinions


  • You may feel obligated to purchase a few books your date points out
  • Your date may have fibbed about their love for literature or may not like reading at all


This date should be free unless you find your date is pressing you to read one of the books he or she likes. One way to get around this is to ask if you can borrow the book. This way, you will not have to buy it and you will have an excuse to see your date again.

Volunteer Together

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If you were to stop and think of some of the best first date ideas you have heard over the years, volunteering probably was not included in that list. However, this date idea is truly amazing not just for you and your date, but also for the community. If you sincerely want to get to know your date and see their heart for others, there really is no better way than taking time to volunteer together.

There is something about giving back to others that brings out our inner beauty and connects us with those we volunteer with. You will be able to see your date’s kindness toward others and also reveal a side of yourself in a way that makes this one of the best first date ideas we found.


  • Giving back to others
  • Getting to know each other on a deeper level
  • Creates fond memories


  • None found

Price Range

Depending on what you decide to do, the price range varies. You could serve food at a soup kitchen for free, volunteer at a local event that may have a registration fee, or purchase food to hand out to the homeless in your city. However, most options are free or fairly priced.

​The Verdict

In planning your first date. everyone has unique personalities and interests, age also is a factor. However, we believe planning a game night may be your best first date option. You and your date will have something to do to keep you busy but also experience fun. conversation, and comfort with one another.

While not everyone likes board games, you can always pick something that suits your date’s personality and age. Older couples may want to enjoy drinks on a casual restaurant patio and play cards, while our younger readers may think playing Life in the food court at a shopping mall may sound amusing. Whichever date idea stands out to you, you can trust that these are some of the best first date ideas for getting to know someone you are interested in. What are you waiting for? Try one of these best first date ideas this weekend!

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